COVID-19 Notification

In these challenging times, it's important that all of us try to help and stop the spreading of the COVID-19 virus as much as possible.

At Holland2Stay, we are doing our best to stay available and continue our business as usual, but with maximum care. Following the advice of RVIM, we have taken a number of measures to ensure the safety of both our residents and employees:


At the moment, most of our employees are working from home. Though we are not completely closing our offices, we are functioning at minimum capacity to prevent the spread of the virus.


Check-in and check-out appointments are still taking place, but with maximum hygienic care and within the limits of the social distancing rules. To reduce contact to a minimum, we are temporarily allowing our residents to self-check-in and check-out. Furthermore, our caretakers are only performing urgent repair tasks.


We understand how inconvenient and unsafe relocation can be during these times. As such, we have given our residents with a short stay contract the possibility to extend their stay with a maximum of three months, provided there is a reason due to which they cannot move out.


All the common areas in our buildings (gyms, saunas, meeting points or rooftop terraces) are closed for the time being.

We hope that by taking these measures, we will keep both our residents and team safe and healthy. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation during these difficult times.

Stay safe!