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Best places to explore the Dutch tulip fields

#tulipfields Discover our top 3 spots to explore the Dutch tulip fields.

Meet the team: Joni

#workingath2s Wondering how it's like to be an intern at Holland2Stay? Joni tells all about her experience.

DIY: Homemade air spray

#DIY Hm, smells good. This homemade air spray will make your house smell fresh! See how it works here.

Watch: Shared living in Twin Amsterdam

#amsterdam Join our vlogger Ciana with exploring the spacious and modern Twin apartments in Amsterdam.

Our newest podcast Expat Talk is live

#thisish2s Welcome to our podcast! In Expat Talk, we talk about typical Dutch things which are interesting, strange, or just hard to understand. Check out the first episode!

How to easily fix your tilt and turn window

#thisish2s Having troubles with your tilt and turn window? We provide you with some assistance. Check it out!

Meet the team: Marleen

#workingath2s Our colleague Marleen shares her working experience as a Multimedia Design Specialist at Holland2Stay.

New Managing Director for Holland2Stay

#news #thisish2s As of May 1, 2020, Wilbert Aben is the new Managing Director of Holland2Stay. After 9 years as Managing Director, founder Zjef Bogers makes way for his successor.

Watch: Recap King's Day Bingo Night

#thisish2s Looking back at our King's Day Bingo Night, with more than 1100 participants, we can definitely confirm that it was a success! Take a look at our recap here.

King's Day 2021: What to do?

#thisish2s As in 2020, King's Day 2021 will look different than usual. Find out what you can do on King's Day this year!

What do we celebrate on King's Day?

#thisish2s On April 27th, The Netherlands turns orange. But what is actually being celebrated? And why is everything orange? Find out more!

How to bake traditional Dutch tompouces

#recipe Especially for King's Day we share the best recipe for orange tompouces. Yummy!

Moving to the Netherlands: The aftermath

#thisish2s After moving to The Netherlands, it is time to get acquainted with the day-to-day life!

Tips for attending virtual viewings at Holland2Stay

#thisish2s Having your first virtual viewing of a residence? We help you prepare for the best viewing experience with some tips. Learn more here!

What to do in Haarlem?

#haarlem Visit markets, walk through the courtyards, or admire the works of art in one of the museums. We give you some tips of the best things to do in Haarlem!

Local gems in Holland Park

#diemen Holland Park is growing to be one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of Diemen. Explore the local business of this district!

Holland2Stay takes over management of The Y in The Hague

#thehague Ringing the new year in with a new building in our offer! From January 1, 2021, we will take over the management ...

The best hidden gems of Delft

#delft We recommend some hotspots to enjoy the beautiful city of Delft as a true local!

3 Amazing places to eat in Diemen Zuid

#diemen Good food for affordable prices, let us introduce you to our favourite spots in Diemen!

The best gaming arcades in Amsterdam

#amsterdam Are you a winner or a loser? Put it to the test in one of Amsterdam's gaming centers. We tip you the best one's!

3x Cycling routes in and around Utrecht

#utrecht No better way to explore The Netherlands as per bike. We share our favourite routes in and around Utrecht.

3 Times eating fries in Eindhoven

#eindhoven We share our favorite spots to eat mouth-watering fries in Eindhoven. You can thank us later.

3 On-the-go lunch spots in the center of Amsterdam

#amsterdam After trying and trying on different food spots in the city, we put together a top 3 best on-the-go lunch spots in the center of Amsterdam!

Get to know the ins and outs of Europahuis

#amsterdam How do our studios and apartments look like in real life? Check our newest vlog in which Ciana gives you a detailed look inside the residences of Europahuis.

Holland2Stay supports people in need

#thisish2s Holland2Stay starts its first collaboration with the Salvation Army to support people in need by donating old duvets and pillows. Explore more.

All you need to know about the H2S YouTube channel

#thisish2s In this article, we tell you all you need to know about the handy videos on our YouTube channel.

Visit the most stylish Pakhuis lofts in Tilburg from your bed

#tilburg How do our apartments look like in real life? Join our curious vlogger Ciana in our latest vlog episode for a detailed look inside the lofts of Pakhuis.

Giving new life to old mattresses

#recycling Every year, we replace approximately 1,000 mattresses. But what do we do with the old mattresses?

4 Tasty eateries in Maastricht

#maastricht The burgundian city of Maastricht offers many amazing food hotspots. Check them all here!

Mysterious balloons and lights in Eindhoven

#eindhoven A spectacular blue night sky and a city filled with red balloons. Find out who is behind this mysterious project in Eindhoven!

Things to do at home during a lockdown

#thisish2s Bored at home? We share our 5 best tips to avoid boredom during a lockdown!

How to play Ezelen

#game How to play one of the most funniest and easiest Dutch card games: Ezelen!

Live like a local in Utrecht

#utrecht Ciana Mayam shows you around Vleuterhuys and Robbin shares his favorite places in the city of Utrecht.

5x Miffy hotspots in Utrecht

#utrecht A lot of Miffy art is hidden in the city of Utrecht. We have listed our best tips on where to find them!

How our recruiting team works

#thisish2s Applying for a job can be stressful. We want to do everything we can to reduce this discomfort. This is how we work.

2x best Asian take-away in Amsterdam

#amsterdam After trying and trying on different food spots in the city, we found our most favorite two spots in Amsterdam!

A look inside the residences of The Castle

#helmond Our team member Rodolfo and Ciana team up for a visit to The Castle and the city of Helmond!

Virtual viewings now possible at Holland2Stay

#thisish2s No need to get out of the house, viewing a home digitally is now possible at Holland2Stay!

Take a look at our brand new apartments of Rive Republic

#capelleadijssel Our brand new building Rive Republic in Capelle aan den Ijssel will amaze you with its semi-furnished apartments, urban lunchroom and common living spaces.

Shared living: Trend or here to stay?

#thisish2s In an interview with mt/Sprout, our founder Zjef Bogers speaks about the wonders of shared living.

Former school transformed into apartment complex Vleuterhuys

#utrecht Historic school building has been transformed into stunning apartment complex Vleuterhuys and is welcoming its first residents!

First new apartments Sphinxkwartier rented

#maastricht The first rental apartments in the newly realized Sphinxkwartier in Maastricht will welcome its first residents on July 1, 2020.

Top 5 ways to start your new student life in Maastricht

#maastricht Our property manager Matt shares his tips to start your student life in Maastricht on the right foot ...

5x Resilient house plants

#homedeco Now that you moved into your new apartment, it's time to spice up your home with some plants. Here’s our list of house plants that can survive any notorious plant killer!

5x Most Instagrammable spots of Rotterdam

#rotterdam Rotterdam is an international and urban port city with unique architecture. Here are the city's most Instagramable hotspots!

Eurovision is coming to Rotterdam!

#eurovision Get ready for one of the most expected events of the year and say hello to the Eurovision Song Contest 2021!

Watch: Livestream Recap Holland2Stay Quiz Night

#thisish2s Wow, what a night! Watch the recap of our first virtual quiz night ...