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Fruits & veggies you can store for more than 1 month

Don't you hate it when your veggies go bad the next day after you bought them? Us too!

Knowing how to store your vegetables is important in order to make sure that your food is fresh and safe to eat. Storing your veggies the right way will help you reduce food waste and make the most out of your produce. Here are our top tips on how to make your veggies last for a full month or longer!


Out of all tree fruits, apples and pears are the only ones that can keep fresh for up to 4 months if stored properly. Except for Honeycrisp, all types of apples will last for a long time under the right conditions. To store apples and pears, keep them in a plastic bag in your fruit crisper drawer in the fridge, away from other vegetables, as they might cause them to go bad. Pro tip: Eat the largest apples first!


Keep potatoes in a cool, dark place, away from onions and bananas (or any other veggies or fruits that emit ethylene gas). Place the potatoes in a paper bag or in an open bowl to make sure there is enough air circulation. It's best not to store your potatoes in sealed containers, as moisture will spoil them a lot faster. This way of storing potatoes will keep them fresh for up to 2-3 months.


Cabbage lasts longest when wrapped in plastic foil and placed in the fridge. This will keep your cabbage fresh for up to 2 months.


If stored properly, radishes can survive for up to a month in your fridge. To give radishes the longest shelf time, cut the stems, then rinse the radishes and place them in a plastic bag. Make sure to add damp towels in the bag to make sure the radishes remain hydrated and crisp.


Make carrots last for longer by storing them in a jar full of water. First, make sure to peel off the carrots and cut the stems, then rinse and place them in an empty jar. Fill the jar with water and place in the fridge. Replace with fresh water every 4-5 days. With this method, your carrots will last for 1 month! Prefer to watch a quick video instead? Head to our Instagram page and watch the instructions in our reels!

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