5 Things to do in Arnhem

Arnhem is a lovely city with a rich historical timeline, located in the east of the Netherlands.

A peaceful city surrounded by green areas, which makes for a perfect destination not only for nature lovers and outdoors enthusiasts but also for those who love culture and history. Below we list our top 5 things to do in Arnhem!

#1 Discover the old city center

Arnhem is a beautiful city with a historical center that's worth visiting. Here you can find two historical town halls dating back to the 14th and 16th centuries, the Grote Kerk otherwise known as the St. Eusebius Church - a mesmerizing tower built in the 15th century, as well as the carillon and a marble monument of the Dutch Duke of Gelderland. Last, but not least, the city also holds a historical ring of gardens alongside the oldest church in the area, St. Walpurgis Basiliek dating back to 1422. Do you prefer a panoramic view of the city? That is actually possible by stepping onto the glass balconies of the St. Eusebius church! The balconies are made of nothing but glass, including the floor under which you can see the ground from 60 meters up! Don't try if you're afraid of heights!


#2 The Netherlands Open Air Museum

One of the most popular tourist hotspots, the Netherlands Open Air Museum or, as we call it in Dutch - Nederlands Openluchtmuseum. This huge museum that covers over 82 wooded acres is very rich in history, dating back to 1912! The museum was built to preserve the traditional Dutch life before the 20th century and the folk art from various parts of the Netherlands. It almost feels like you came back in time and are walking through Dutch history! The museum portrays the living and working lives of the Dutch farmers, craftsmen, fishermen, and townfolks. Besides the classic windmills, here you can find traditional farmhouses, fishermen's homes, steam sawmills, old transportation vehicles, and more! Everything is brought to life with the help of actors and guides demonstrating traditional skills.

#3 Windmill ‘De Kroon’

Dating back to 1870, the famous windmill De Kroon or The Crown is a fully functional tower mill rising high up in the Klarendal neighborhood. Unlike most windmills, this one is special because it is located in the heart of the neighborhood and not along a waterway. If you're curious to see how the mill works, you can visit De Kroon and learn more about it from the friendly staff. Inside, you can find a shop where you can buy flour that was ground and produced right there!

#4 Sonsbeek Park

Once a stream valley in the forest, Sonsbeek Park is a wonderful recreational area located on a historical site that is 250 years old. The park expands on 67 acres filled with special water structures, a variety of trees and plants, monuments, and even an ancient beech forest. Sonsbeek Park has everything from waterfalls to ponds and fountains.

#5 Hoge Veluwe National Park

A must-see during your stay in the Netherlands - the famous Hoge Veluwe National Park! Only 8 km from the city center of Arnhem, you will find one of the most beautiful nature reserves in the Netherlands. Hoge Veluwe spreads across 13,800 acres and incorporates a diverse natural landscape with forests, heaths, grassland, sand drifts, and more! The rich flora completes the scenery together with some cute animals such as the red deer, mouflon, wild boar, the badger, and fox. Hoge Veluwe is a great destination for cyclists and those who want to experience the park by bike, but also for hikers and people who just want to stroll around the park. In addition, Hoge Veluwe has a popular camping location where nature enthusiasts can even spend the night! Every week, the park organizes different activities, from outdoor meditation sessions to heath harvesting and Easter egg hunts.


written by Ana

I'm a cheerful and curious person, passionate about photography and everything that comes with it. As a fellow international, I moved to The Netherlands to study and decided to stay here after falling deeply in love with the culture, people and the beautiful Dutch cities and their canals!