10x Best breakfast places in Eindhoven

Nothing beats a good breakfast. Especially if you don’t have to prepare it yourself. Eindhoven is full of great breakfast places where you can have the best start to your day. We’ve listed the 10 best ones for you.

#1 Houben Worstenbrood

When in Brabant, you MUST try a ‘worstenbroodje’. No better place to get one at Houben Worstenbrood. Houben Worstenbrood employs traditional ‘worstenbrood’ bakers at their own bakery. The perfect breakfast, especially on a slow morning. They have regular sausage rolls, but also all kinds of special versions. You can take them home or enjoy them there. And they organize workshops for kids, so cool!

Willemstraat 39
Monday & Sunday: closed
Tuesday - Friday: open from 10.00
Saturday: open from 9.00

#2 Jungle Café

Jungle Café is quite an unknown hotspot in Eindhoven. It is located a bit outside the center but is worth a visit. At Jungle Café, everything is vegan and sustainable. They describe themselves as a family place, and that’s exactly how it feels. There is good coffee, you can have a full breakfast, and there is a cute treehouse inside where kids can play. Every three months, the menu changes. They also do catering, for example for birthdays or company lunch. Winning! Tip: you can sit outside on the terrace with your feet in the sand.

You can find the menu of Jungle Café here.

Edisonstraat 2
Monday & Tuesday: closed
Wednesday - Friday: open from 9.00
Saturday & Sunday: open from 9.30

#3 Brownies&downieS

Brownies&downieS is originally a company from Brabant, but has many other locations. Except for Eindhoven, there is also a Brownies&downieS in Capelle aan den IJssel, Delft, Den Bosch, Groningen, Haarlem, Den Haag en Tilburg! At this place, they work with people with a mental disability. That makes breakfast here a little bit more special. They work with pure and traditional products. With delicious sandwiches, pancakes, and pastries, there is something to choose for everyone. And of course, you must try the brownies here, they are irresistible.

You can find the menu of Brownies&downieS here.

Victoriapark 1
Monday: closed
Tuesday - Friday: open from 9.00
Saturday & Sunday: open from 10.00

#4 Zwartwit Koffie

Next to Brownies&downieS, you can find Zwartwit Koffie. They may have the best coffee and tea in Eindhoven. Our Holland2Stay employees can be found here regularly. When the first sunrays of the day show themselves, you sit here perfectly wind free. Breakfasts can be ordered all day. The choice is huge. Savory or sweet, croissant or yoghurt. All are delicious!

You can find the menu of Zwartwit Koffie here.

Victoriapark 7
Monday - Saturday: open from 8.00
Sunday: open from 10.00

#5 Hizmet

On the Kruisstraat you can grab delicious a breakfast at Hizmet. They bake fresh bread in their bakery (and baklava!), which they use to make delightful sandwiches. Doner is what they are known for, but that might be a bit heavy for breakfast. You can create your own sandwich, and they make it for you right away. Super fresh and perfect for a breakfast take-away. And finally, super affordable!

You can find the menu of Hizmet here.

Kruisstraat 77
Monday - Sunday: open from 8.00

#6 Koffiehuisje

Koffiehuisje is an espresso bar with a very pleasant atmosphere. They have different pastries every day, which are staring at you when you enter. A super cozy place to have breakfast. Until 12.00, you can enjoy pancakes, banana bread, yoghurt, delicious fresh croissants, and more. Koffiehuisje also serves delightful lunch dishes, which you can also take for breakfast.

You can find the menu of Koffiehuisje here.

De Jonghlaan 32
Monday: closed
Tuesday - Friday: open from 8.00
Saturday & Sunday: open from 9.00


COFFEELAB can rightly claim to be located at prime locations in Eindhoven: in the middle of Strijp-S and in the central station (on the taxi-side). Through the meters-high windows of the central station, you have a beautiful view of Eindhoven’s city center. This is also a nice and quiet place to work from.

At COFFEELAB they roast their coffee beans themselves. So, you can assume that they have knowledge and expertise about coffee ;-). They have delicious pastries and lots of choices when it comes to breakfast. Overnight oats, pancakes, yoghurt bowls, and a big lazy breakfast are some of the things on the menu. You can top it off with a fresh juice or smoothie on the side. You will enjoy such a good start the rest of the day! You can also find a COFFEELAB location in Den Bosch.

You can find the menu of COFFEELAB here.

Leidingstraat 45 and Stationsplein 23
Monday - Sunday: open from 10.00

Central station:
Monday - Friday: open from 8.00
Saturday: open from 9.00
Sunday: open from 10.00

#8 Meneer De Boer

Classic hotspot. They have an incredibly delicious and extensive breakfast, which you can order all day. Meneer De Boer is one of the few places in Eindhoven where you can even order a full English breakfast. Everything is homemade, from fried eggs and French toast to pancakes and quiche. They don’t give away their full menu, so you’ll have to visit them yourself!

Keizersgracht 20
Monday - Sunday: open from 8.00

#9 YB by Yoghurt Barn

At YB (by Yoghurt Barn) you can go for, maybe you already guessed it right: yoghurt. In their cozy barns, you immediately feel at ease. You can choose a Yoghurt Special, which is already on the menu with all kinds of ingredients, or you can choose your own toppings for your yoghurt. You can make it as crazy as you want. Tip: they have an All Day Breakfast, where you can also add something savory and get a hot drink for an affordable price. Besides their location in Eindhoven, you can also find them in Amsterdam, Utrecht, The Hague, Rotterdam, Den Bosch, and Haarlem.

You can find the menu of YB here.

Nieuwstraat 28-30
Monday - Sunday: open from 9.00

#10 Bagel & Juice

Bagel & Juice is located on two hotspots in Eindhoven: at the Kleine Berg and at Strijp-S. You can order some bagels and juices here, surprise! There is a lot of choices, with all kinds of different bagels. Upgrading it with some extra ingredients is no problem. Preferring a healthy breakfast? Then, you should try their acai, dragon, or fruit bowl for breakfast. Combine it with a juice, and you are ready to rumble your day. Plus: Bagel & Juice is really affordable.

You can find the menu of Bagel & Juice here.

Torenallee 60 and Kleine Berg 19
Monday - Sunday: open from 8.00 (Kleine Berg) and 9.00 (Strijp-S)


written by Inge

My love for exploring new cities has grown since I live near Eindhoven’s city center. Hopefully, I can share some valuable content with you to help you feel at home in your city as well!