Best food halls in the Netherlands

Now that indoors dining is on the table again, it's time for a quick review of the best Foodhalls in the Netherlands!

Being able to enjoy street food from all over the world is a perk you can only get at a food court or Foodhallen, as called in Dutch. Discover the best food halls you can experience in the Netherlands!


Located in a former tram remise in Amsterdam Oud-West, Foodhallen is a hip place where flavor is celebrated every day. This food hall has been around since 2014, time in which they fostered a rich food culture of global flavors. With more than 20 different kitchens from all over the world, the street food here is sure to delight all your senses. These culinary adventures will make your tastebuds travel through Asia, South America, Vietnam, Greece, Italy, India, and more! From burritos and samosas to sushi and burgers, all of the foods here are freshly prepared and absolutely delicious. There are also vegan and vegetarian options, as well as good dessert spots to satisfy your sweet tooth. The venue of Foodhallen is vibrant and special, giving a unique street food vibe to this place.

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Probably the most popular food hall in the Netherlands among both locals and tourists, the Markthal! This food market is located at Rotterdam Blaak, just across the famous Cubic houses. The iconic Markthal opened its doors in 2014, after 5 years of construction. The Markthal has a unique shape of a horseshoe and a mesmerizing interior holding the biggest work of art in the world, which expands on 11.000 m2! Though it is regarded as a fresh market, the Markthal is basically a huge food hall that serves both freshly prepared goods, as well as fresh produce, from meat and cheese to fruits, veggies, and nuts. Markthal incorporates a total of 14 bars and restaurants, plus sweets & cakes shops, supermarkets, specialty shops - you name it!


One of the youngest food halls in the Netherlands, Foodhall Scheveningen has opened its doors just one year ago in August 2020. Home to 17 worldly cuisines ranging from Greek and Spanish to Mexican, Thai, Japanese, Lebanese, and Chinese, plus a local specialty! This food court has a cozy atmosphere with cosmopolitan vibes, making it a great spot to pair up with a nice walk on the beach. Even more so if you and your friends have different taste preferences and are looking to experiment something different! The food hall also has a cocktail bar where you can try out some delicious drinks and if you're lucky enough, you might even get some live music!

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A gem in the heart of the city, Down Town Gourmet Market is the most famous food court in Eindhoven. Opened in 2017, this food court is hip, stylish, and has an open seating area that reassembles a cozy patio. The main focus of Down Town is to serve quality food that is fresh and delicious. With 19 unique kitchens, this food hall provides a broad variety of street food, high cuisine, comfort food, and authentic dishes from all over the world. Think about Japanese fish salads, Spanish tapas, Afghan meals, Italian pizzas, Indian snacks, and Mexican tacos. Everything you crave under just one big roof!

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