5x Eating on a budget in Eindhoven

Well, let's be honest. Watching your expences a bit never has hurt anyone, right? We've collected some of the best low budget places in Eindhoven for you.

#1 Stadscafé Spijker

It used to be a metal goods store called 'Het Spijkertje', now it is a student café where you can eat a delicious meal for a low budget. Stadscafé Spijker is located at Stratumseind 15-21, with 225 meters of bars the longest nightlife street in the Netherlands.

At Stadscafé Spijker you eat a 3-course menu (starter, main, and dessert) for only €19.95. You can get kind of standard meals, but everything is super tasty. Every month, there are different dishes on the menu. Within each course, you can choose between three different dishes, so there is always something you would like. Are you there on Tuesday? Then you should stay after dinner for the pub quiz, where you can win great prizes. On Thursday and in the weekend, after dinner the café will be transformed into a party venue, where the party goes on until late.

#2 The Trafalger Pub

Typically British, that is The Trafalger Pub. At this welcoming pub at Dommelstraat 21, in the city center, you literally walk into a traditional pub, you would almost forget that you are in Eindhoven. Many clubs and students find their place here, in the weekend, but also during the week. A good deal for a great meal - their slogan - is certainly the truth.

They serve typical British food, such as shepherd's pie and fish and chips, but also really good burgers. From 10 persons there is a three course menu for only €21,50. And, they have lots of beers on tap and many different types of specialty beers. Winning!

#3 Fuso

At Fuso you can put together your own wok meal for an inexpensive price. You choose a sauce, like Oyster Sauce or Gon Bon Sauce, and then choose if you want chicken, beef, prawn, seafood, or tempeh with your wok meal. Lastly, you have to choose between rice or noodles. You get a large quantity. They also have an à la carte sushi menu. Fuso is located in Eindhoven's city center, at Stationsplein 15.

#4 De Oude Telefooncentrale

De Oude Telefooncentrale is the hotspot where you can eat good for a decent price. If the weather is nice, we recommend you to sit outside. In the afternoon, you can perfectly enjoy the setting sun here. Then, we advise you to order some nachos with pulled chicken and a gin tonic. Yum!

The service at De Oude Telefooncentrale is very friendly, the portions are big, and the place is historically a gem. On the second floor, switchboard operators used to switch the telephone lines manually all day. Reasons enough to try out De Oude Telefooncentrale! You can find De Oude Telefooncentrale at Strijp-S, at Professor Horowitzstraat 200.

#5 Chidóz

At Chidóz they have the very best burritos, bowls, and tacos. And everything is made super fresh. They fill fresh tortillas with slow cooked meat, making it extra tender. At the bar, you can choose your own toppings. And they have everything. And also vegan options! They pack the food convenient, so you can easily take it away. So, grab your amigos together and enjoy some lovely Mexican food at Keizersgracht 21.


written by Inge

My love for exploring new cities has grown since I live near Eindhoven’s city center. Hopefully, I can share some valuable content with you to help you feel at home in your city as well!