Discover Eindhoven’s most creative neighborhood: Strijp-S

Strijp-S is a modern, popular, and very photogenic district of Eindhoven. The former industrial area of Philips has been transformed into a place where art, design, and technology come together. New buildings quickly arise between the various old factories, which fit perfectly into the industrial vibe of the area. Philips's history still flows through the veins of Strijp-S, making it a vibrant place that keeps on growing every day. We would like to introduce to you: Strijp-S!

quotation on building strijp-s
Dutch quote of Merel Morre on one of the old Philips factories at Strijp-S, with in the background the zigzag vibes, the logo of the city of Eindhoven.

On Philips's ground

The first factory on Strijp-S ground was built in 1916. Anton Philips had a glass factory built for the production of light bulbs. As Philips grew, more and more factories were added, making Philips self-efficient. From a cardboard factory to a storage warehouse, and from its own laboratory to its own boiler house and engine room. Philips built everything they needed for their production at Strijp-S.

Philips grew enormously with the production of radios and later televisions. Every day around 10,000 worked at Strijp-S, which was surrounded by fences and barriers. If you had no business there, you were not welcome. The area was therefore called the 'Forbidden City'.

Since 2002, Strijp-S no longer belongs to Philips. The fences and barriers are literally removed and the Forbidden City opens up. The area is being redeveloped and full of hotspots nowadays. Strijp-S is a place where you are stimulated to develop yourself, in the middle of history and amazing architecture.

view over Ketelhuisplein at Strijp-S
You are short of eyes when you walk around at Strijp-S. Taking pictures here is always a good idea. The most central place of Strijp-S is Ketelhuisplein, the large square next to the former factories.

Did you think Eindhoven is called the 'City of Light' because of Philips? Nah, wrong! The name originates from the major presence of match factory Mennen & Keunen since 1870. Do you want to know more about the history of Philips? We 100% recommend The Philips Museum in Eindhoven's city center.

Hotspots at Strijp-S

Strijp-S is absolutely worth a visit. It is full of hotspots, especially if you like art, design, and a bit of a raw vibe. We share our tips to must see and do!

Food & drinks hotspots

All food and drinks establishments at Strijp-S are worth mentioning. For example, you should definitely visit Vershal het Veem, an indoor fresh market where you can do your regular groceries but also find special products from Mediterranean, Italian, Asian, or Moroccan cuisine. Let’s explore more tips about food and drinks at Strijp-S.

#1 Pokebowl at Miss Temaki
At the Philitelaan you’ll find Miss Temaki. They make fresh, signature sushi and delicious poke bowls. Worth a try! You can takeaway or enjoy it on the terrace with a view of Strijp-S. Miss Temaki can also be found in Down Town Gourmet Market in Eindhoven’s city center. Another great hotspot you should check out!

#2 Bubble tea at Tea Stories
With a new location at Leidingstraat, Tea Stories is the best place to get bubble tea (or ‘boba’) in Eindhoven. The drink with tea, milk, fruit syrup, and tapioca balls is a hit in the Netherlands. Besides bubble tea you can also enjoy a delicious avocado toast or bao burger. Tea Stories also sells different kinds of teas, and they even have DIY kits to make your own bubble tea at home.

#3 Ice cream at Intelligentia
Another level of ice cream. That’s Intelligentia. In addition to ice coupes and special flavors of ice cream (such as mon chou pie, yogurt lemon curd, and mandarin with lemongrass), they have black (!) cones. Besides selling ice cream, Intelligentia has several rooms focusing on different products. For example, there is Wonder Room where you can enjoy an Afternoon Tea in Harry Potter style.

interior ice cream shop Intelligentia
Intelligentia is more than just an ice cream shop, it's a completely new food experience. In the Experience Room, marshmallows are hanging on the walls and lemons are coming down from the ceiling.

#4 Pastries at Pastryclub
You can find Pastryclub in the old engine room of Philips (the Machinekamer). Here, passionate pâtissiers make the most delicious pastries. From macarons to ice cream, they have everything for sweet tooths. Just like Intelligentia, Pastryclub has an innovative view of food. They strive for a taste experience with innovative products. Exactly what belongs to Strijp-S. They also give workshops about (of course) making pastries, but also with chocolate, desserts, and ice creams.

#5 Waffelinq
New to Strijp-S since summer 2021 and a lovely place to visit: Waffelinq. From a distance, you can already smell the delicious aroma of freshly baked waffles. At Waffelinq, you can get waffles with sweet or savory toppings. Perfect for lunch or desert!

#6 Stories
A place full of plants, at an even more beautiful industrial location. In the former equipment factory of Philips is Restaurant Stories located, a hidden gem of Strijp-S. Here, you can have lunch, dinner, and a good drink. Stories trains people with a distance on the labor market, with the aim to let them grow and find a regular job that suits them. They learn, work, and participate. Definitely an extra reason to get a bite to eat here!

exterior of Stories at Strijp-S
The terrace of Stories is the perfect place for a Vrijmibo, the aperitivo on Friday. They even have special platters full of the best snacks!

Art & Culture hotspots

#1 Natlab
NatLab is located in the old laboratory of Philips. Great inventions were made here, such as the cassette tape and the CD. Albert Einstein even visited the laboratory in 1923. Now you can watch movies here, and enjoy some food or drinks in the restaurant. In the summer, NatLab organizes outdoor movies, mostly classics. Absolute a recommendation!

#2 FeelGood Market
The FeelGood Market is a monthly event that takes place every third Sunday of the month. On Ketelhuisplein, the central square of Strijp-S, there are plenty of activities that day. There is live music, you can follow workshops, stroll along the market stands, but you can especially enjoy good food and relax. Each edition has a new range of new activities and products, so it's different each time. The perfect activity on a Sunday!

#3 MU
All art lovers gather! At MU you can explore various exhibitions, mainly by young makers. A bit quirky, but super cool. MU describes itself as “the guide to all art lovers with a keen interest in the energetic mix of art, design, pop culture, and new media”. An art gem of Eindhoven and Strijp-S.

#4 Enversed
The Enversed VR Experience Center is hot! With nine virtual reality (VR) rooms, you can enjoy all kinds of VR experiences here. For example, you can play racing or shooting games, but also bake hamburgers in virtual reality or play games like Penguin Panic. Super fun and a nice group activity!

#5 Urban Shopper
The Urban Shopper contains twenty shops in one. On the ground floor of Philip’s former factory hall, all kinds of small spaces have been created where you can find the best concept stores of Eindhoven. Behind every corner, you will find a new kind of store. You can shop for home accessories or explore the various art and clothing shops.

view of Leidingstraat at Strijp-S
Strijp-S can be recognized by the long avenue of pipes along the old Philips factories: the Leidingstraat. In the evening, these pipes are illuminated with white, blue, and green light to symbolize that during the Philips era raw materials were brought in and waste materials were disposed through these pipes.

#6 Dutch Design Week (DDW)
Saving the best Art & Culture hotspot for last, because there is no better hotspot than the Dutch Design Week. Eindhoven is a city full of design. The Design Academy Eindhoven is located in the middle of the city and all creativity comes together at Strijp-S. Not surprisingly, a large part of the annual DDW Week festival takes place here during autumn.

DDW is the biggest design event in Northern Europe, with special attention to the work of young talent. DDW organizes exhibitions, experience events, festivities, networking events, and talks at more than 110 locations across Eindhoven. At least 87 events take place at Strijp-S, making it the beating heart of DDW. Besides the district being a hidden gem on its own, we can advise you to get yourself lost in design during this 9-day festival.

Strijp-S during GLOW 2021
During GLOW 2021, several works of light art took place at Strijp-S. Here, artist Hugo Vrijdag made the entire Ketelhuisplein and surrounding buildings illuminated with flowers and nature..

You can walk around by yourself or take a tour that DDW is offering. From an introductory tour to an extensive tour, there is something for everyone. There are even tours specifically around certain themes and virtual tours. The full program can be found on the website of DDW. Do you want to walk around by yourself but don't want to get lost? With a DDW account, you can select your favorites from the program and stay up to date about your visit.

design project Dutch Design Week in Victoriapark
Part of DDW 2020 and still to be found in Victoriapark: SUNSEEKER. This solar-powered sustainable and interactive (street) light installation is specifically designed for this place. Photo: Max Kneefel.

Sports hotspots

#1 Bouldering at Monk
Keep on climbing. The Philips Bedrijfsschool is home to Monk, a boulder gym. There are over 700 square meters of climbing walls ánd there is a café – win-win! With different levels, there is a suitable bouldering wall for everyone. Monk has lessons for beginners (learning you the basics), for youth, group lessons, and even personal training. There is a local competition to add a bit of competition feeling. You can even win a medal. Maybe that works even more motivating to start! ;-)

#2 Bootcamp at Ketelhuisplein
Outdoor training at one of the most beautiful locations in Eindhoven, who wouldn’t want that? ProFit organizes bootcamp classes on Mondays and Thursdays at Ketelhuisplein, in the most central place of Strijp-S. You can improve your strength and condition while using various fitness materials. There are different subscriptions available, so you can make it as hard as you want.

#3 Skating and BMX at Area 51
Area 51 is a heaven for urban sports. Almost everything is possible, including skateboarding, BMX, inline skating, wcmx, and stunt riding. Recently, there has been a major renovation. Classes are given in skateboarding, BMX, stunt stepping, and freerunning. Never too old to learn! Right?

How to get to Strijp-S

Strijp-S is located close to Eindhoven's city center and is easily accessible. From the central train station, it is about a 20-minute walk. But you can also get there in other ways.


There are two bus stops at Strijp-S: Glaspoort and Strijp-S. You can take bus lines 10, 401, 402, and 403. From the central train station, it is only 8 minutes by bus. You can check 9292 for up-to-date departure times.

bus lane at Strijp-S
Almost everywhere on Strijp-S you can still see elements from the Philips era. Like here, above the bus lane.


Strijp-S has its own train station. From this station, you can walk straight into Strijp-S. The sprinters between Eindhoven and Tilburg University and the sprinters between Eindhoven and Den Bosch stop here. From Eindhoven's central train station, there is a train leaving for Strijp-S every 15 minutes. Up-to-date departure times can be found on the website of NS.


At Strijp-S, they are striving for less car use and there is a lot of attention for the sharing of electric cars, bicycles, and scooters. There are electric charging points for cars at several locations. But, you are also welcome with your normal car. Next to the road, the first 30 minutes of parking are free. These are the best parking lots where you can park as a visitor: P-Strijps Bultje, Parking Torenallee, Parking Kastanjelaan, P-Om De Hoek, and Parking Philips Stadium.


Are you already in Eindhoven? Then you can take a shared scooter from Go-sharing or felix. You can park these anywhere at Strijp-S. It's cheaper than taking the train or bus and you only have to download the app and verify yourself. Peanuts.

Interested in living near Strijp-S?

Our building Philips Bedrijfsschool is located in the middle of the former Philips area. You could have made this guess yourself because the name of the building says it all. Philips Bedrijfsschool is situated exactly in between two parts of Strijp: Strijp-S and Philipsdorp.

Philips Bedrijfsschool

The Philips Bedrijfsschool was built by Philips in 1929. The original intention was to train their own staff here to work in the factories. In 1947 the building was demolished and rebuilt due to damage during the Second World War. Philips added extra classrooms and a bigger gym. In 1954, two large wings were added to the building. In 1989, Philips Bedrijfsschool ceased to exist. After Summa College taught here for many years, it has been a residential complex since 2019.

The building still has all kinds of authentic parts from the factory days, such as fire doors, staircases, and bricks in the halls. Truly a unique place to live!

exterior Philips Bedrijfsschool
Philips Bedrijfsschool at Kastanjelaan in Eindhoven.


Philips Bedrijfsschool is part of Philipsdorp. Philipsdorp was built from 1910 onwards, especially for the employees of Philips. The houses in Philipsdorp were equipped with electricity, water, gas, sewerage, and an extra-large private garden. Having your own electricity, sewerage, and gas was very unique in those days. Can you imagine that the rent back then was less than €0.80?

All facilities were present in this village: company stores, a bakery, a bathhouse, schools, sports facilities, a music association, and more. All the stores on the corners of Philipsdorp were Philips stores. Did you know that drugstore Etos was founded by Philips as a drugstore for its employees? Philips employees could buy anything here with a discount. Now, Koffiehuisje is located here. Within walking distance of Philips Bedrijfsschool and definitely a must-visit for coffee!

coffee at Koffiehuisje
Koffiehuisje is located in an old Philips store and is a true hotspot in Strijp. Definitely the best spot to start your day and which you shouldn't miss on your way to Strijp-S.

Are you planning to wand around Philipsdorp? Then, you should check out the historical pictures on 39 historical buildings. This way, you can see what those buildings looked like 100 years ago!


written by Inge

My love for exploring new cities has grown since I live near Eindhoven’s city center. Hopefully, I can share some valuable content with you to help you feel at home in your city as well!