DIY: Create your own home scent

DIY videos are on the rise, inspiring one another to redefine our way of life. We have jumped into the craze ourselves in hopes of inspiring you to enrich your Holland2Stay home.

In this DIY, we teach you how to make your very own air spray. In this version we’re using pieces of fruit to create certain smells and if you have aroma oils, you can add these as well. Here is the ingredient list:

  •   Orange peel
  •   Cloves
  •   Cinnamon sticks
  •   Vinegar
  •   Essential oil

Be as creative as you want to be by changing the list to get your own personal distinctive smell.

  1.   Shred the orange pieces and boil them in water for around 8 minutes.
  2.   Add the cloves, cinnamon, vinegar, and boil for 5 minutes.
  3.   (optional) Add any aroma oil that compliment your ingredient list.
  4.   Strain contents from the liquid.
  5.   Pour the water in a spray bottle.

If the scent is underwhelming, try adding other ingredients and oils to your spray. As you can see, it only takes a few steps to make it. We’d love to see your air spray, share it with us on Instagram!

You can also watch this air spray being made on Instagram.


written by Dennis

I’m an easy going and goofy person that loves to dance. I love getting inspired by others’ craft like cooking and designing and I constantly end up trying new things.