3 Easy decor ideas: DIY & budget-friendly

We promise - these easy DIY projects will make your home look like it's straight out of a Pinterest board!

Decorating your rental apartment doesn't have to be expensive or complicated at all! Your home is the best place to start exploring your own personal style and let your deco-creativity flow. Whether you want to create a chill vibe, a rustic feel, or simple modern aesthetics, your decor will help turn your vision into reality. Choose your own style and personalize your decor to make your home even more special and enjoyable! Here are our top 3 easy DIY (and budget-friendly) decor ideas that can change your home in no time!


Repurposing items from your home might be the most budget-friendly way to make your home special. Instead of buying an expensive plant holder, use a tiny ladder to place your beautiful plants! Need some extra wow-factor in your living room? Then pick up the paint box and start coloring your plant holder whatever shade fits your room's color scheme.


I bet you never thought it can be so easy to create a beautiful plant holder using a simple ladder!


A great way to showcase your dearest memories and add some personality to your workroom! A simple memo board can change the look of your desk entirely and it costs just under €10 at IKEA. This board allows you to hang pictures, fairy lights, postcards from your favorite holiday, and more. Just let your creativity flow!

Picture from Pinterest


Before you put your used cans in the recycling bin, know that you can upcycle them in a very unexpected, yet stylish way! Cans can be transformed into beautiful pots for your flowers, which can make a very pretty addition to your decor. Yes, you heard that right - cans can become beautiful pots that you can use as decorations in your home! Start by rinsing the cans clean, then cut the top completely, and file the sharp edges. Then, simply measure the can height and cut your favorite wrapping paper (or even wallpaper) to fit the can and secure it with double-sided sticky tape and... Voilà!

Picture by Mike Garten


written by Ana

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