Facts about Eindhoven that you might not know

‘Hang In There’ is a weekly series hosted by our Marketing & Communication intern: Hang. After 2 years of studying in the Netherlands, Hang shares her experiences with other internationals who are also living in the Netherlands generally and in Eindhoven specifically.

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This week, Hang shares three unknown facts about Eindhoven, her hometown in the Netherlands.

Hi there, I am Hang! It is such a big honor for me to be your companion in ‘Hang In There’. Brief introduction: I am a third-year Communication student in the Netherlands and Eindhoven has witnessed my grown-up journey from August 2019 till now. This is my second home, so it would be a shame if I did not reveal some fun facts about this amazing city. If your knowledge about Eindhoven only stops at Philips and lighting, well, brace yourself because you are about to know more!

#1 Eindhoven is home to the smartest square kilometer in Europe

Being well-known as the Silicon Valley of the Netherlands, High Tech Campus has the contribution of 12.500 tech-savvy workers from more than 200 technology companies and institutes. Some of them are truly tech giants, such as Philips, ASML, IBM, Intel, and others are successful startups. High Tech Campus was originally owned by Philips before being sold to Marcel Boekhoorn - one of the wealthiest men in the Netherlands

However, Boekhoorn is not the latest owner of the 'smartest km2 in Europe'. In fact, the famous High Tech Campus Eindhoven no longer belongs to the Dutch. On 20 August 2021, the Dutch billionaire handed over the key and transferred the ownership to an American investor called Oaktree Capital Management. Even though Boekhoorn bought High Tech Campus for more than 425 million euros in 2012, the done deal was estimated at over 1 million euros. This historic takeover can be considered as the ‘biggest single asset deal in Dutch history’, which proves the undeniable value and potential of the Brainport Eindhoven.

#2 Eindhoven's Strijp-S district was once 'the forbidden city of Philips’

Not only is Eindhoven known as an innovation and technology city, but it is also famous as the capital of creativity and design.

Have you ever heard about Strijp-S? Strijp-S is a former industrial park in Eindhoven and used to belong to Philips. Not only was the first factory for incandescent light bulbs placed here but many Philips’ devices were also born here, from the first radios to televisions. Strijp-T and Strijp-R parks were named followed Strijp-S in this industrial area.

After Philips decided to move their headquarters to Amsterdam in the late 1990s, Strijp-S was repurposed to preserve its industrial heritage. Nowadays, it has been transformed into a trendy and urban district. No one could recognize the old Philips factories, since most of them have turned into a complex of lofts. For example, Philips Bedrijfsschool is also a former Philips' building. Moreover, you can easily spot many areas loaded with innovative workplaces, fancy shops, and of course, restaurants and a foodie’s heaven called Vershal Het Veem! In Strijp-S, you will also find Intelligentia Taste Rooms – the best ice cream in the Netherlands 2020. Definitely a must-try!

bus lane at Strijp-S
Strijp-S is one of the hippest neighborhoods in Eindhoven.

For design-lovers, don’t forget to visit Strijp-S in the last weeks of October for Dutch Design Week - the largest annual design event in Northern Europe.

Small note: If you are a big fan of vintage clothes or second-hand stores, there are so many thrift shops in Strijp-S for you to discover. You can save a lot of shopping money by wandering around this area!

#3 Eindhoven has the longest pub street in the Netherlands

Who said that staying in Eindhoven is all about being computer geeks, tech gurus, and cyberpunks? Actually, some of us are by day...

But when night comes, we have a reason to get wilder. It is Stratumseind – the longest pub street in the Netherlands and a true paradise by night. Our nightlife never stays the same, since we have a line of more than 50 café, bars, nightclubs - you name it, to hang out and enjoy. Please come to Stratumseind with your friends at least once when you are in Eindhoven. Because no matter what day you visit, you have to shout out “TGIF” - Thank God It is a Fiesta!


written by Hang

As a travel freak who moved from Hanoi to Eindhoven, I love spending my day discovering new angles of this city and learning about the country from the locals. Hopefully, my articles would help you step-by-step entering the world of Dutch culture and make your every day in the Netherlands ‘a great stay’!