The best gaming arcades in Amsterdam

Well, the world's first video game hotel in Amsterdam is there for a reason. Amsterdam is a hotspot in game and entertainment centers. We love to share two of our favorite game centers where you can play the old classics, virtual reality games and plenty of board games. A night full of fun!

#1 Tonton Club

The TonTon Club is one of the most famous gaming halls in Amsterdam. Here, you can play the best old school games with your friends. From old classics like Pac-Man and playing air hockey, to board games and Mario Kart.

The three locations each have something unique. For example, the location in Amsterdam West has a Japanese theme. Complete your evening with Japanese games, drinks, and snacks such as delicious dumplings and even seaweed spring rolls!

Sint Annendwarsstraat 6, Amsterdam
Polonceaukade 27, Amsterdam
Jan Evertsenstraat 747, Amsterdam

#2 Gamestate

Gamestate is the ultimate entertainment experience for those who can't get enough of playing games. They have thrilling 4D video games, moving simulators, and more than 50 playing machines. And the best part of it all: you get real tickets! The more points you win during a game, the more tickets you get. After playing, you can exchange your tickets for prices.

Amsterdam is not the only place where Gamestate is located. There are also locations at the Holland2Stay cities Eindhoven, Rotterdam, The Hague, and Utrecht.

Johan Cruijff Boulevard 183-187, Amsterdam
Grote Markt 4, The Hague
Stationsplein 45, Eindhoven
Cor Kieboomplein 109, Rotterdam
Mariaplaats 13, Utrecht


written by Quinty

A real dutchy, born and raised in Amsterdam. I love to hang out with my friends and family with some lovely food and drinks. Besides that, I also love to work out (to get rid of all the food calories :-)).