Mysterious balloons and lights in Eindhoven

Have you seen it yet? This week Eindhoven has a spectacular blue night sky! Mysterious blue lights are placed on remarkle buildings in Eindhoven and the city is filled with red balloons.

This mysterious project is organized by Glow. Every year in November, Eindhoven hosts a light festival called Glow. Unfortunately, the event was cancelled this year due to COVID-19. Nevertheless, Glow came up with this nice alternative to light up the city! For four nights, the sky turned blue, red balloons were floating in the air, and residents of Eindhoven hang lights in their windows. Holland2Stay also participated in this project. No less than 8 buildings, including Evoluon (check here), Philips Bedrijfsschool, and Onyx, lighted up!

Glow indicates that they will host more projects like this. But how and when remains a secret. Would you like to know more about Glow’s projects? Visit their website


written by Marle

Hi, my name is Marle and I am the Marketing Intern at Holland2Stay. I love sports and I love to travel, so I can improve my language skills and explore the world!