5x Going out in Groningen

#Groningen Robert, our property manager in Groningen, tells us about his favorites spots for a night out!

Groningen, the student city up north, has a buzzing nightlife.

From traditional Dutch cafes to high end cocktail bars, Groningen has plently of spots to party all night. We asked Robert, our property manager in Groningen, to tells us about his favourites spots for a night out.

#1 De Uurwerker

‘De Uurwerker’ is my favorite place for after-work drinks on Fridays. During the day, you can have a coffee or work in one of the cozy sofas. On Friday afternoons, the place fills with students and working professionals looking for a great start of the weekend. Also, they have the best pizzas in town.’

De Uurwerker is located at Uurwerkersplein 1 and is opened every day

#2 Chaplin's Pub

‘Chaplin’s Pub is all you expect from an Irish pub. It is a cozy drinking place where you can buy large pints of beer and cheer for your favorite sports team. It is possible to celebrate your graduation or birthday in the pub.’

Chaplin’s Pub (Gedempte Zuiderdiep 73) is opened daily.

#3 Mr Mufongos

‘This is where I take friends who visit Groningen for the first time. Mr Mufongos is a really cool place, where you can drink the best gin tonics in town. The bar has a robot arm that pours gins, whiskies and rum. The bar has seven different areas, all inspired by travel stories.’

Mr Mufongos is located at Oude Boteringestraat 26 and opens daily from 11 AM.

#4 Block and Barrels

‘I am from South Africa, eating here reminds me of my home country. Block & Barrels is a great place to enjoy craft beer and meat snacks. Two of three owners are also from South Africa. In summer time they lighten up the Braai and they make delicious biltong (dryed beef).’

Blocks & Barrels (Hoogstraatje 3-5) is open every day.

#5 Het Concerthuis

‘Het Concerthuis is a great place to start your night out. You can play some board games, chill in one of the vintage sofas and eat delicious loaded fries. Plus, they have a Brakke Brunch on Sundays. This is a splendid buffet, where they also serve paracetamol to cure your headache.’

Het Concerthuis is located at Poelestraat 30 and is opened every day from 10 AM.


written by Margot

I love daydreaming about faraway lands, creative interior styling and food. I am born and raised in the Eindhoven region and want to help you to feel at home in your new city.