Holland2Stay receives Rental Quality Mark

#thisish2s Hooray! Holland2Stay has officially received the Verhuurder OKeurmerk (‘Rental Quality Mark’) from Huurteam Utrecht. Read everything about the Quality Mark here!

Hooray! Holland2Stay has officially received the Verhuurder OKeurmerk (‘Rental Quality Mark’) from Huurteam Utrecht.

Huurteam Utrecht is an independent organization, working on behalf of the municipality of Utrecht. The organization checks if private residences - in specific student residences – are rented out in line with the Dutch rent legislation and the rents point system. Good letting is rewarded with the Landlord OK quality mark. Huurteam Utrecht has checked Holland2Stay and has officially stated that Holland2Stay meets all criteria for the quality mark!

Holland2Stay receives cheque of Huurteam Utrecht

About Huurteam Utrecht

In the Netherlands, there are many rules and regulations protecting tenants’ rights. Many tenants, especially students and expats, aren’t sufficiently aware of this. Excessively high rents and service costs, unrefunded deposits and poor maintenance of the accommodation are just a few examples of the problems that tenants face when they rent accommodation. To support tenants in disputes, regional tenant support teams have been initiated by municipalities. Huurteam Utrecht provides information, advice and support. Even more, Huurteam Utrecht offers landlords who want to rent out in a good way the opportunity to distinguish themselves from landlords who do not.

The criteria

To be eligible for the Rental Quality Mark, you meet the following criteria:

  • The housing is legal - all necessary permits have been granted and the required reports have been made
  • The rental agreement has to be in line with the rental legislation of the Dutch government
  • The rent of the residences does not exceed the maximum rent under the rent points system
  • The annual rent increase is in line with the Dutch legislation
  • The service costs are settled annually, in accordance with the statutory rules of the Dutch government
  • The residences are well-maintained
  • For safety and prevention of nuisance, house and lifestyle rules are created
  • There is regular management by a non-tenant, who supervises hygiene and safety, maintains an up-to-date overview of the residents of the building, and can be reached 24 hours per days.

The verdict

Huurteam Utrecht has checked our rental agreements, service costs handling and maintenance of residences, and concluded that Holland2Stay meets all criteria! Zjef Bogers received the certificate from Edo Gommers in Rotterdam, in our office in The Lee Towers. A nice accomplishment - good letting is rewarded!

Do you want to know more about Huurteam Utrecht and the Verhuurder OKeurmerk? You can find more information here.


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