5x Most Instagrammable hotspots of Rotterdam

Rotterdam is an international and urban port city with unique architecture. It has a raw, no-nonsense vibe with many hotspots waiting to be discovered. Here are the city's most instagramable hotspots!

#1 Santa Claus

Rotterdam loves crazy art. Santa Claus is a statue created by Paul McCarthy. It represents Santa Claus holding a Christmas tree. However, locals refer to the statue as Gnome Buttplug. Judge for yourself. If you want to show your artsy side or just shock your parents, you can find the famous gnome holding a buttplug in Museum Park.

santa claus buttplug gnome in Rotterdam

#2 Markthal

When visiting Rotterdam, you must check out the gigantic Markthal that will bring out the foodie inside you. The building itself is a sight to see with its 11.000 m² mural hanging over more than 80 vendors. From fish to fruits and coffee to candy, there are plenty of options to keep you busy for a month. So, make sure you don't miss out on the Markthal.

Markthal wall mural

#3 Cube Houses

Besides crazy art there is also crazier architecture. Near the Markthal you can find the cube shaped houses defying the laws of gravity. It seems like people could be falling out of the windows at any time. These yellow homes will create the perfect aesthetic for your Instagram wall. You can find the cube houses next to Blaak Station.

yellow cube homes Rotterdam

#4 Historic Park Schoonoord

If you are looking for something quieter or if you just love nature, then visit the peaceful Historic Park Schoonoord. Take in some fresh air and some fresh nature shots for your feed. But most importantly, get captivated by the immense park in an even bigger city. You can find the historic park Schoonoord here.

aerial view of Schoonoord Park Rotterdam

#5 Luchtsingel Bridge

Last and definitly not least, we have the Luchtsingel Bridge which is the perfect Instagramable spot. This place stands out with its bright yellow color and sharp design. This iconic bridge brings back life to the forgotten parts of Rotterdam, connecting central station with the northern part of the city. Bring your camera and make sure you capture a shot of the the Luchtsingel Bridge.

artistic yellow bridge in Rotterdam

Curious to know more?

In our latest vlog, Ciana teams up with Tom from Holland2Stay in Rotterdam to visit the most instagramable spots of Rotterdam! Watch the full vlog here:


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