Meet the team: Dennis

Our talented intern, Dennis Westened, shares his internship experience as part of our Marketing & Communications department.

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In his role, Dennis works on lots of different activities such as writing concepts, creating content for social media, SEO, and making 360o pictures. We asked Dennis what his biggest achievement was and what challenges he faced during his internship. We further tested his imagination with a question about a skill he'd like to gain overnight, if given the opportunity.

#1 What made you choose Holland2Stay for your internship?

Well, for a while I have been gaining more interest in interior design, architecture, and the industry in general. I’ve also come across Holland2Stay a few times whilst looking for a new place, so when I saw the vacancy, I got really excited. The job description looked like the perfect match, so I had to apply for it. Besides that, being in an international environment and having to speak English, really spoke to me.

#2 What was your experience as an intern at Holland2Stay

The culture at Holland2Stay is that we learn by doing and I love that attitude. It makes you want to try new things and to grow as a professional. Even though I couldn’t come to the office much, I felt at ease very quickly due to the friendliness, enthusiasm and that most times there is someone treating us with pizza or cupcakes.

#3 What was your proudest achievement at Holland2Stay?

Probably the online bingo event. It was a crazy operation with many technical factors that I had to learn and figure out. My idea was to use OBS with YouTube to livestream, which is easy until you need to connect virtual cables. That was stressful because I still don’t understand how to properly use a virtual cable but, it worked out so I’m happy. The concept was ambitious with having a DJ, creating in between segments, and having to put content in the livestream, during the livestream. But seeing everything fall into place felt very satisfying.

#4 What was the biggest challenge you faced during your internship?

It's online meetings. I actually like the meetings and getting up to date, but my brain gets into a listening mode where I find it hard to engage.

#5 If you could instantly become an expert in something, what would it be?

Doing taxes, how does one not get lost whilst doing taxes?

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