Meet the team: Ires

Our Human Resources and Legal department are run by Ires Smits. Find out how she balances a busy schedule and how she handles HR and legal challenges.

In this interview, our HR & Legal Manager talks about her work experience at Holland2Stay.

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#1 What do you do as a HR & Legal Manager?

Although it might seem like an odd combination, these two overlap each other. As an HR manager, I ensure the well-being of my colleagues and I am involved with matters related to the labor law. As a legal manager, I am the advisory body of the organization, regarding rent and real estate law. Other than that, I support the managing board and stay up to date with laws and regulations that change constantly; it is very dynamic!

#2 What does a normal workday look like for you?

I don’t really have a standard workday. My days are always different because situations can arise at any time. My days mostly start with checking my email to get a clear picture of what’s to come and balancing that with tasks I still have to do. Besides, I have some long-term projects that I humbly try to squeeze in as much as possible. As my to-do list changes during the day, this position taught me how to prioritize my tasks better.

#3 What do you like most about your job?

The energetic vibe within the company, the fact that no working day is the same, and the space I get to be myself. We are part of a young company that is still in development and the management is very open to our input. Before Holland2Stay, I worked at a bank for more than two years. It was very well organized, but what I noticed is that these types of companies give very little room for personal input.

To me, it is incredibly important that I am in a place where I can be myself and where there is room to improve myself. Now I work at a place with a no-nonsense culture where everyone can say what they want and where everyone is approachable for anything. Because of this, I feel much more at peace.

#4 What is the weirdest food combination you ever ate?

I use applesauce for everything. Nothing is too weird for me. I use it on pizza, meatballs, satay sauce. I put applesauce on everything.

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