Meet the team: Joni

Ever wondered how it's like to be an intern at Holland2Stay?

At Holland2Stay, we enjoy the input of our devoted interns who help create a unique experience. Tenant Care intern Joni gives an insight into her day-to-day activities.

#1 What is your role at Holland2Stay? What do you study and where?

I study Facility Management at Breda University of Applied Sciences. I'm a Tenant care intern, which means I'm responsible for the communication between Holland2Stay and the tenants. I also do check-ins and check-outs when possible.

#2 What does a normal work day looks like as an intern at Holland2Stay?

I start at 9:00 AM and first check my email and the appointments for that day. Then, I answer tickets with questions and requests from tenants and around noon, the first tenants arrive for their check-ins. Then, I go on a short break and in the afternoon, I answer tickets again and sometimes, when tenants arrive later for their check-in, I organize those as well. And if it's possible, I also attend checkouts with my colleagues.

#3 Why did you choose Holland2Stay for your internship?

I chose Holland2Stay because it's a very multicultural environment, which I really like, and I’m originally from Eindhoven so it is a convenient location for me. Furthermore, the colleagues. You can tell that everyone is really close, and they are fun to work with. I also like the contact with tenants, even though it's a lot less than usual because of the pandemic, but the times I actually see people that live here are always nice.

#4 How does your internship add to your study?

Well, facility management is very broad. It's actually more about back-office activities, stuff that you don't usually think of, such as cleaning and security. Tenant care is more of a front-office job, but because I need to answer calls from tenants and explain different processes to them, I feel like I learn a lot about the back-end processes as well. So, I actually get the best of both worlds.

#5 Alongside your internship, we hear that you are also working on your thesis. Can you tell us a bit about it?

Of course, I’m looking into ways Holland2Stay can enable and encourage tenants to live more sustainably, specifically focusing on energy conservation. Which factors influence behavior and how can Holland2Stay play into this? What motivates tenants to implement energy efficiency behaviors? Very interesting!

#6 What is the most ridiculous fact that you know?

Did you know that a hummingbird can fly backward?

Joni behind desk at head office Holland2Stay

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