Meet the team: Koen

Meet one of our Repair & Maintenance Coordinators: Koen

Scheduling, managing, coordinating... Working as a Repair & Maintenance Coordinator is very diverse. Koen tells you everything about his job!

picture Koen

#1 What are your main tasks?

I am one of the Repair & Maintenance Coordinators at Holland2Stay. We are responsible for handling all repair requests that come in from tenants. Because Holland2Stay manages many properties, each Repair & Maintenance Coordinator is responsible for a certain number of buildings. For these buildings, we make sure everything is technically up and running. We lead a team of our housekeepers that is responsible for the maintenance and general upkeep of equipment and facilities. We also are busy with putting out assignments to our external parties.

My work is never the same, which makes my days really varied. Most days, I start by handling tasks which came in. Thankfully, we have a really convenient system for the tasks that we receive. In the afternoon, I regularly have appointments on location and I try to visit a number of properties. I finish off my day with some administration and processing tasks.

#2 Do you find something challenging in your job?

The job is definitely challenging, because you are always faced with surprises and tasks that you never had to deal with before. In case a tenant has something that is not working properly, we are here to help the tenant so they can have a great stay.

#3 What skills are important in doing your job?

To be successful as a Repair & Maintenance Coordinator, you should be able to anticipate well, be reasonably stress resistant, and above all be solution oriented. And helpful and hospitable ofcourse!

#4 What do you like most about your job?

That I have a lot of freedom and responsibility and that no day is the same from another one. And, we have very sweet, nice, and helpful colleagues. We are really a team, everyone is always able to help each other when needed.

#5 If you had a time machine, would you go forward or backward in time?

Backwards, without doubt!

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