Meet the team: Ron

Meet our enthusiastic Logistic Support employee, Ron!

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There is not only work to be done in our offices. Because Holland2Stay rents out furnished residences, there is a lot of work involved with furniture and inventory. We can’t do this without our Logistic employees. Our always cheerful Ron works as a Logistic Support employee at Holland2Stay and has a wide range of tasks to do. Are you curious what Ron's work entails? Read it here!

#1 As a Logistic Support employee, what are your main responsibilities?

I have an executive and organizational role in our warehouse. From this warehouse, we maintain and complement the inventory of all residences in our area. In other words: I handle the entire process of storing inventory items in our warehouse and the distribution of it to the different residences. In my job, it is important that you know where all inventory needs to go and that you can keep a good overview.

#2 What are your daily activities?

Most of my days start at the office. Here, I pick up the keys that I’m going to need that day. Then I check in our system if there are residences where any inventory needs to be replaced or is missing. In the warehouse, I collect everything and bring this to the relevant buildings. I also make sure that the warehouse is clean and that the shelves are filled, for example.

#3 What is the best thing about your job?

The best part of my job is that I am on the road a lot. I get into a lot of different Holland2Stay buildings, which are all different in their kind. The contact with our tenants is also very valuable and makes my work grateful and nice!

#4 How do you feel about working at Holland2Stay?

The working atmosphere at Holland2Stay is nice and friendly, while we also work hard. We have a lot of young people working here, which creates a very sociable and pleasant vibe.

#5 What household task do you really hate to do?

Doing the laundry and ironing, so I prefer to leave that to others!

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