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#workingath2s Wilbert shares his first-year experience as part of the H2S family.

Wilbert Aben is celebrating his first year as Managing Director at Holland2Stay!

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In this interview, Wilbert shares his first-year experience as part of the H2S family. Find out what inspires Wilbert to succeed and what was his proudest achievement at Holland2Stay so far.  

#1 What do you do in the role of the managing director of H2S?

In my role, I am responsible for the Operations, Technical, HR, and Legal departments and I have the honor of chairing our management team.

#2 What is your proudest achievement at H2S so far?

Last November, we had an evaluation among our employees or as we call it, a ‘future interview’. An important part of this consisted of a self-evaluation of 10 questions about working at Holland2Stay. During this evaluation, our employees had the chance to share their opinion about how it’s like to be working at Holland2Stay and to share if they are happy to be part of the organization. The average score of all evaluations turned out to be very high, an 8.1! I am enormously proud of this! Especially because we managed to get a high rating even in times of a pandemic, which did not allow us to get together as much as we used to before.

#3 How would you describe the past year at Holland2Stay in a few words?

My first year at Holland2Stay was a fantastic journey alongside a great, passionate, and motivated team. We have the ambition to grow and we support each other to evolve. Together we make Holland2Stay.

#4 What is a skill everyone at H2S should know?

I believe that in our business, everyone should possess the skill of hospitality. We should be aware that everything we do is about making our tenants happy. Specifically for Holland2Stay, I think the skill of ownership comes into play. Because we are a fast growing company and are active in several places in the country, you get a lot of responsibility very quickly. A real Holland2Stay-er is customer focused and enjoys contributing to the growth of Holland2Stay.

#5 What inspires you to succeed?

On the one hand, happy tenants and satisfied property owners, and on the other hand, I get the most satisfaction from seeing employees growing in their roles. I also get a lot of inspiration from the book 'The speed of trust' by Stephen M.R. Covey. In this book, Covey explains why trust is the critical success factor of the new economy.

#6 What is your favorite hobby and why?

I have recently started working out and I think that, alongside hockey and running, it will become a new hobby of mine. I used to spend a lot of time travelling. Now that I work closer to home, I try to work out a few times a week before work with the aim of staying fit and healthy.

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