5x Miffy hotspots in Utrecht

Who doesn’t know Miffy? The cute, little white bunny was a popular character in the bedtimes stories told by my parents.

Miffy is really popular in The Netherlands, especially in Utrecht as Utrecht is the birthplace of Dick Bruna, the '(grand)father' of Miffy. And therefore, Utrecht has a lot of Miffy art hidden in the city. In this article, I will share some Miffy hotspots in Utrecht with you!

#1 Crossing the street with Miffy

When you cross the Lange Viestraat, you will pass a traffic light. This is no regular traffic light, with red, orange and green light. Instead, the lights have the shape of Miffie!

#2 Miffy's House

In Februari 2019, the Miffy museum has been reopened! The Miffy museum focuses on the youngest Miffy fans. The kids can playfully discover the world of Miffy. The museum is open from Tuesday until Sunday from 10 AM to 5 PM.

#3 Miffy Square

Utrecht has dedicated a entire square to Miffy! On the square, a work of art made by Dick Bruna's son, Marc Bruna, is placed. Fortunately, this square isn’t as touristy as the Miffy traffic lights!

#4 Miffy in the garage

Miffy also appears underground! Miffy appears in the new garage of Hoog Catharijne P5 on a mural. The garage is a whole experience with beautiful art!

#5 Little Miffy at the Mariaplaats

Since September, a statue of Miffy has been placed at the Mariaplaats. The statue shows a poem in both Dutch and English. The English poem ends with 'a father and his kit'. At first, you might think a spelling mistake has been made, but according to the writer it is poetic freedom - 'kit' also means 'little rabbit'. And last but not least, the statue is a perfect spot for cute Instagram pics.

Curious to know more?

In our latest Utrecht vlog, Ciana Mayam teams up with Robbin, our Utrecht team member! Robbin shows all Miffy hotspots! Watch the vlog here:


written by Marle

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