Peek Inside: Student city life on the 11th floor

There's nothing more fun than looking inside someone's home. Get to know our residents and get inspired by how they have decorated their rental homes. Peek inside at Yuliia's place, renting at The Y in The Hague. 

: Yuliia (20) 
Nationality: Ukrainian
Home: The Y in The Hague
Type: Student studio 

Living up to the views

As you step inside Yuliia’s home on the 11th floor, the allure of the city’s bustling streets gives way to a serene panorama that stretches across the horizon. “The best thing about my studio is definitely the view,” says Yuliia resolutely. The wall-to-wall windows frame the city center like a living canvas. 

“I love starting my mornings with a cup of coffee while enjoying the view. From up here, you can see how the city slowly wakes up every morning.” For Yuliia, it’s a daily reminder of the vibrant city that lies just beyond her doorstep. “I can stare outside for ages, from my couch or bed,” she explains. “There’s so much to see!”


Thanks to the large windows, lots of natural light comes in.

Living at The Y

The Y recaptures the spirit of expats and students as home to a mix of Dutch people and internationals from all over the world. There’s a meeting point where residents can work, study, and meet their neighbors. “Coincidentally, friends of mine from Ukraine also live here in The Hague, some even in The Y. I like it when they come over, it's so good to have friends around you. We all really enjoy studying and living in this city." The best memory in her studio is her first birthday: "Everything was decorated with balloons, I loved it!"

Yuliia studies Finance at The Hague University of Applied Sciences (De Haagse Hogeschool). She’s doing her internship in Rotterdam. “As you live next to the railroad station, you can travel to Rotterdam very easily, which is ideal for me.” Eight trains run every hour from Den Haag Holland Spoor, next to The Y, to Rotterdam Central Station. The journey takes you about 18 to 24 minutes door-to-door.


Yuliia showing her student studio: "I love the little aesthetic corners in my home."

Finding her rental studio

Yuliia has lived in The Hague for a while now. Before she moved into her current studio, she rented a home at The Social Hub, formerly known as The Student Hotel. It was a great place to land after moving to the Netherlands. “I regularly walked past The Y and was wondering what that big Y on the window represented. I started Googling and ended up at the website of Holland2Stay,” she explains.

"When I graduate and have to leave my student studio, I would definitely like to live in a Holland2Stay home again"

Eventually, in 2021, she signed up for a studio in the lottery of Holland2Stay. “Out of 130 entries, I was informed that I did get the place. I was thrilled, lucky me!” Yuliia lives in a student studio, where you can live as long as you’re a student. Every year in September, students upload their proof of enrolment to verify their student status. If you’re no longer a student, you must move within 6 months.

More The Y

Want to know more about living at The Y? Visit this page for more information about the building, its homes, and facilities, or check its availability directly here.


written by Inge

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