5 reasons to live in Helmond

What makes the fifth largest city in the province of Noord-Brabant special and worth living? Let us point out the top 5 most prominent reasons that you should take Helmond into consideration.

#1 A ‘satellite’ city of Eindhoven

Let's be honest, at some points, it is not so easy to find a residence in the busy and crowded Eindhoven. Therefore, living in a city that is 15 kilometers away from Eindhoven could be a great option that you should consider. Since Helmond is really well-connected to Eindhoven, it only takes 20 minutes by car from Helmond to the largest city in the Noord-Brabant province. For those who would like to travel by public transport, every 15 minutes, there is a train that takes you to Eindhoven within 15 minutes. Therefore, travelling back and forth should not be a big problem for Helmond residents!

#2 Convenient travel within the city

Fun fact: Even though Helmond is not the biggest city in the Noord-Brabant province, it has more train stations than Eindhoven does.

Cycling during the windy and rainy weather of the Netherlands is not your thing? No worries! With 4 stations in total: Helmond, Helmond Brandevoort, Helmond ’t Hout and Helmond Brouwhuis, you can reach wherever you want safe and dry.

#3 Ideal living environment

It is hard to be surrounded by nature while you are living in a big city. That is why a small and cozy city like Helmond not only helps you escape from the hustle-bustle of daily life but also makes it possible to enjoy the clean and fresh air. Thanks to its beautiful and countryside location, numerous forest trails, and mountain bike routes can be found in Helmond, such as Bakelse Beemden, Geeneindse Heide, or  Helmond Mountainbikeroute.

Walking, trekking, cycling, hiking, or just taking a deep breath after a long working day, in Helmond, you can do it all! It has everything to be considered as a green living space.

#4 Smart district on the way

Brainport Smart District is an area located in Brandevoort and was built in the north of the Helmond-Eindhoven railway line. It was designed by UNStudio, with the goal to become 'the smartest district in the world'. That means 'high tech’ is not the only word to describe this area. This project aims not only to create an environmentally and socially sustainable neighborhood for 1500 households but also “a new type of living environment”, according to Ben van Berkel, the founder and principal architect of UNStudio. This residential complex is where technology is applied in community building and every aspect of life, such as health, circularity, mobility, energy, participation, data, safety, and inclusivity.

Around 155 hectares have been reserved for the construction of the Brainport Smart District since 2017, and it might take over 10 years to execute and develop. However, this promising project is a once-in-lifetime chance for the Helmond-Eindhoven region to take the lead in innovation and to become one of the best living areas in Europe and the world.

#5 Rich history

Did you know that Helmond was an active textile city and the center of trade and industry back in the Middle Ages? After several ups and downs and the demolition of the textile and metal industries, it was until 1976 that Helmond was renewed as a growth city and step-by-step became the modern hub municipality that you see today.

However, you can still emerge in the Medieval atmosphere by visiting Helmond Castle - the largest moated castle in the Netherland since 1321. Within 10 minutes walking from Helmond Station, this 700-year-old castle offers visitors a great number of events and family activities for a wonderful day trip.

Helmond Castle - the largest moated castle in the Netherlands.
Picture retrieved from https://museumhelmond.nl/en/

Do you want to live in a modern 'castle' in Helmond?

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written by Hang

As a travel freak who moved from Hanoi to Eindhoven, I love spending my day discovering new angles of this city and learning about the country from the locals. Hopefully, my articles would help you step-by-step entering the world of Dutch culture and make your every day in the Netherlands ‘a great stay’!