5 reasons to live in The Hague

The city at Sea, our beloved The Hague is one of the most beautiful cities of the Netherlands and the only big city directly located on the coast of the North Sea.

The Hague is home to many Dutch institutions, international organizations, schools, embassies, and naturally attracts hundreds of expats every year. Find below our top 5 reasons why you should (at least) consider living in The Hague!

#1 The city

The Hague is a charming city, full of character. The mixture of modern skylines and historic buildings gives the city a unique vibe, completely different from other Dutch cities. The lively city center of The Hague is always filled with people and it is a great destination for shoppers. In addition to the sea and the dunes, The Hague has plenty of green spaces and beautiful parks that you can explore on foot or by bike. The city is very clean and the fresh morning breeze is sure to bring some salty air into your home.

#2 The people

The Hague is home to a mix of Dutch citizens and internationals from all over the world (having more than 100 different nationalities!). The Hague is such an expat-friendly city that only 43% of the citizens living there are Dutch natives! So, if you are looking for an international hub other than the famous capital of Amsterdam, The Hague makes for a perfect choice.

#3 The location

The Hague (or Den Haag as the locals call it) is located in the province of South Holland. The city can be found within easy reach from major cities of the Netherlands, including Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Utrecht. The Hague is located right on the shores of the North Sea, which means that you'll not only get to live in a beautiful city but also next to the wonderful beach of Scheveningen!

#4 The sea

The Hague is located right on the North Sea coast of Scheveningen. The beautiful coastline expands on 11 km and includes amazing dune sceneries, as well as plenty of activities, events, and attractions. In addition, there are countless restaurants and bars where you can enjoy a wonderful dinner at sunset.

#5 The quality of life

Although the nightlife might not be the strongest suit of this city, the quality of life definitely is! The Hague ranks among the top cities in the world in terms of quality of life and happiness.


written by Ana

I'm a cheerful and curious person, passionate about photography and everything that comes with it. As a fellow international, I moved to The Netherlands to study and decided to stay here after falling deeply in love with the culture, people and the beautiful Dutch cities and their canals!