Watch: Recap Holland2Stay's Days of Wonder 2021

#thisish2s Ho, Ho, Holland2Stay! This year, Holland2Stay teamed up with Santa Claus to fulfill five wishes from our tenants. Curious which wishes became reality? Watch the recap of this festive week here!

Ho Ho Holland2Stay! Time to get ready for the new year. This December, all tenants of Holland2Stay were given the opportunity to send in a Christmas wish.


To maximize the holiday spirit, Holland2Stay has teamed up with Santa Claus this year to surprise some tenants by making their Christmas wish come true. We received over 2.500 great wishes! Of all these wishes, five were selected to become reality.

Wish #1: From Valentina, living at Keramus in Utrecht

Valentina realized that most tenant in Keramus have never properly met. So, they started organizing movie nights every Monday. Unfortunately, the tenant with the projector left the building and the meetings have stopped. Her biggest wish was to have a new projector, so they can start enjoying these gatherings again. We made sure there were plenty of snacks available and that they could rent some movies with Pathe Thuis! Watch the whole surprise here.

Wish #2: From Joost, living at The Lee Towers in Rotterdam

Christmas is all about gathering with family. But how could we always be present next to our beloved ones if we are working or studying far from home? Joost, one of our tenants living at The Lee Towers, came up with a brilliant idea to help his parents cope with the ‘empty nest syndrome’. He wished for a life-sized cardboard to give to his parents. We gave the cardboard the experience of his life by visiting all the hotspots of Rotterdam. Watch the whole surprise here.

Do you also see double? Joost and the life-sized cardboard version of himself.

Wish #3: From Lotte and Kian, living at Faenza in Maastricht

This year, Lotte and Kian moved into their new apartment in Maastricht. They have asked Santa to make their balcony summer-ready. Although Santa is more fond of winter scenes, he arranged a complete balcony set with accessories. Fully ready to enjoy sunny days in Maastricht! Watch the whole surprise here.

Wish #4: From Giordana, living at Stationspoort in Den Bosch

All the way from Mexico and Brazil, Giordana and her partner recently started their new life in the Netherlands. To be completely immerse in the Dutch way of life, they wished for two bicycles. And how much fun is it to explore Den Bosch and its surroundings on a Holland2Stay bicycle?
Although they could not receive their presents in person this Christmas, the bicycles are carefully delivered at their new home. Watch the whole surprise here.

Santa Claus made sure the bicycles where carefully delivered to the residence of the winner.

Wish #5: From Jodi, living at The Y in Den Haag

The last wish that came true this year is the wish from Jodi, living in Den Haag. Instead of wishing something for herself, Jodi sent in a wish for her neighbor, Mehnoosh. Mehnoosh and her partner recently moved to the Netherlands, and their home could use some cozy decoration. Watch the whole surprise here.

Mehnoosh and her husband Soroush were surprised with some cozy decorations for in their new home..

That is a wrap for this year. Thank you everyone for participating in our first Days of Wonder! Happy holidays, stay safe, and we will see you all with lots of fun events in 2022!


written by Hang

As a travel freak who moved from Hanoi to Eindhoven, I love spending my day discovering new angles of this city and learning about the country from the locals. Hopefully, my articles would help you step-by-step entering the world of Dutch culture and make your every day in the Netherlands ‘a great stay’!