5x How to start your student life in Maastricht

Starting your student life in Maastricht? Our property manager Matt gives you his top 5 tips on how to make the most of your first-year experience at Hotel Management School Maastricht.

Exciting times ahead! You are starting a new chapter in your life. Get ready to move to a brand-new city and meet people from all over the world! Matt started his student life at the Hotel Management School in Maastricht nine years ago. As a former student himself, Matt knows exactly what you are going through. Therefore, he shares his best experiences and tips to start your student life in Maastricht on the right foot!

#1 Balance is the key to success

“First of all, keep a good balance between study and fun. The HMSM offers a lot of fun activities for freshmen and you should fully enjoy them. But it is also important that you keep your goal in mind, namely getting your diploma. So enjoy your student life, but also stay focused on your final goal!”

#2 Join student association Amphitryon

Get involved and put yourself out there! The best way to get to know your fellow students is by joining student association Amphitryon, named after the god of hospitality. Amphitryon is the student association of the HMSM, and no less than 95% of the students at HMSM are members of this association. Take this opportunity to meet as many people as you can. During his studies, Matt has been chairman of Amphitryon. Therefore, he advises to become part of the student association. “Amphitryon has its own bar on campus that regularly hosts parties and events. This is ideal for students because you don't have to go all the way to the city for a party. In addition, a beer at the bar at Amphitryon costs just €1.30!”

students waiving from residential building hotelschool maastricht

#3 Explore the city and find your favorite spots

You are living a Maastricht, a beautiful and Burgundian city. Get out, explore your new city, and make it your mission to find the best coffee spots or restaurants. The more you get to know the city, the more you will start to feel at home. Also, you can take your visitors to all the cool new places you have discovered. Matt shares his favorite spots here.

#4 Don’t hesitate to ask for help

Starting a new study can be challenging and it can take some time to get used to the changes, especially if you are moving on your own for the first time. “No worries, our Holland2Stay team and the community team of the Hotel Management School are always there to help you! If you are struggling with personal problems, homesickness or needs advice, please contact us, It’s very important that you feel comfortable on campus, and we are more than happy to help you.”

#5 Enjoy every second

Last but not least, enjoy as much as you can! You are starting a new and exciting adventure, which lays the foundation for your future career. It is the perfect time to challenge yourself, meet new people, learn and explore what you like. Enjoy every second of it!


written by Marle

Hi, my name is Marle and I am the Marketing Intern at Holland2Stay. I love sports and I love to travel, so I can improve my language skills and explore the world!