5 Things to do on a rainy day in the Netherlands

Now that the rainy season has finally settled in, it's time to wave goodbye to our beloved picnics, barbecues, and to lovely outdoor terraces. But just because the weather is gloomy, that doesn't mean you need to sneak yourself under the blankets and sob while dreaming of the summer that just came to an end.

Let us bring some sunshine to these rainy days with some of our favorite indoor activities you can do during the colder months in the Netherlands!

#1 Go to the cinema

Watching a movie in a Dutch cinema is almost a must if you're living in the Netherlands. The cinema chairs are comfy and the amount of snacks you can get is overwhelming, not to mention that you can even drink some beers while watching the latest cinema screening. Unlike our neighboring country of Germany, all English-language movies showcased in Dutch cinemas remain undubbed, which means that you will be able to enjoy the film even if you don't know Dutch! The movies will of course have Dutch subtitles, which is a great opportunity to learn a few words along the way. It's not uncommon for cinemas in the Netherlands to have a break in the middle of the movie, during which you can restock your snacks or use the bathroom without missing any crucial part of the movie.

#2 Visit a museum

If going to the movies isn't your thing, then you might want to consider visiting one of the many museums or art galleries that you can find in or around your city. Luckily, the Netherlands is filled with countless of interesting museums that you can enjoy during the gloomy days of autumn and winter. Besides Amsterdam, which is lucky enough to have the Van Gogh museum and the famous Rijksmuseum, Leiden is also a great cultural destination where you can see 14 different museums if you're ready to go on a museum-visiting-spree.

#3 Play some arcade games

Did you think arcade games were a thing of the past? Well, you definitely haven't tried an arcade club yet! If you're looking for an activity to lift your spirits, this one is sure to bring you that childish happiness once again. There are lots of great arcade clubs in the Netherlands, as for example Gamestate, Tonton, Aloha, or Blast Galaxy.

#4 Shop in Utrecht's Hoog Catharijne mall

If you're trying to find an excuse for a good old shopping session, a rainy day might just be the perfect one! Though normally the shopping areas in the Netherlands are outdoors, in Utrecht's famous Hoog Cathraijne mall, you can shop indoors without getting wet when crossing from one store to the other. The mall is gigantic and incorporates virtually any shop you can think of, from clothing to home stores and more! Definitely worth a visit (even on a sunny day if you ask me)!

#5 Food hall

Foodie alert! If you're in the mood for experiencing something new while delighting your taste buds with cuisines from all over the world, visiting a food court might be the best way for you to spend a rainy day. Food courts can be found in many cities of the Netherlands and they're a great way to get you out of your comfort zone and experience delicious meals prepared by passionate cooks who know what they're doing. Are you not sure which food court to visit first? Check out our most favorite food courts across the Netherlands here!


written by Ana

I'm a cheerful and curious person, passionate about photography and everything that comes with it. As a fellow international, I moved to The Netherlands to study and decided to stay here after falling deeply in love with the culture, people and the beautiful Dutch cities and their canals!