All-black kitchens are trendy!

Black kitchens are extremely popular. Sleek, matte, handle-less, you have them in all shapes and sizes. It gives your quick bite in the morning or the preparation of your three-course dinner an extra dimension. Discover Holland2Stay's favorite kitchen designs here!

#1 Pakhuis in Tilburg

Look at this stunning black kitchen in one of our lofts in Pakhuis Tilburg. Definitely one to be proud of! There is an abundance of retained character features, including exposed bricks and supporting columns, giving the loft a raw and industrial character. The black kitchen suits perfectly here. We love the appearance of the matte black structure. And, good to know: there is enough space to store your kitchenware!

#2 The Castle in Helmond

Another beautiful black kitchen can be found in the charming apartments of The Castle in Helmond. The apartments have a modern look with a high level of finish, in a sleek and contemporary appearance. This sleek, black kitchen is perfect here. The chic dark marble look on the countertop and wall can't be unseen. It's absolutely a great finishing touch!

#3 Hofstate in Waalre

This amazing black kitchen can be found in Hofstate, a modern building in the cozy town of Waalre. With the kitchen countertops that have a chic dark marble look, you can cook in style in Hofstate!

#4 Bassin in Maastricht

Always wanted a black kitchen as a student, or just looking for student housing in Maastricht with a private kitchen? This studio in Bassin has one very compact black kitchen. It's a sleek but simple kitchen, just with everything you need to make a quick meal before school.

#5 DOK01 in Maastricht

In another student housing in Maastricht, you also have your own private black kitchen. Just like the one below! The black kitchen also comes in a sleek and simple design. But there is more. The amount of natural light makes it pleasant to cook in all kitchens of DOK01.


written by Juliene

Born in the south and moved to the center of Eindhoven 2,5 years ago. I am a positive person and enjoy the little things in life. Those who really know me, know that I always have to capture everything on camera. Having fun with friends and family is the most important thing for me. I hope to see more of the world in the future and make beautiful memories.