5 times coming home in amazing entrances of Holland2Stay 

Coming home after a long day of work is the best thing in the world. But coming home to a building from Holland2stay makes it even better if you live in one of the buildings below. Each of them is a unique creation and will give you another feeling when walking through it. Check the best entrances here!

#1 Onyx in Eindhoven

Coming home to a luxurious entrance in the center of Eindhoven. That is what you can expect from Onyx. When you enter the building, you walk into an explosion of marble. The walls, the ground, even on the ceiling and in the elevator; everywhere you look you see marble in shades of white and chocolate brown. Finished with gold details. It gives a luxurious feeling of coming home. Everyone wants to have such a marble entrance in their home, right?

#2 The Y in Den Haag

When you come home to this urban housing in the center of The Hague, the unique look of the entrance will catch your eye immediately. I will tell you 'y'. The abstract black and white shapes, and fresh green and blue colors make you walk into a playful appearance. But look how cool the elevator looks. The design is like a labyrinth from black and white, all over the place. It makes it more joyful to come home from a busy day at work. Not a regular entrance people have. You just have to love it or not.

#3 The Lee Towers in Rotterdam

And then there is Lee Towers, where you come home in classy housing in the city of Rotterdam. The Lee Towers is named after Dutch singer Lee Towers. When you walk into the building, you can recognize that immediately. There is a picture of Lee Towers with engraved text when you come in. Besides that, you see an animated microphone in black and gold and can read the text: you never walk alone, on the wall. A fun fact to know: Lee Towers has opened the building officially with a swinging musical performance and revealed his Walk-of-Fame star in the entrance of the building. It gives you a VIP feeling and you almost feel famous when walking into the building.

#4 Europahuis in Amsterdam

This beauty of an entrance is located in a chic building with a vibrant community in Amsterdam. A combination of modern with a little touch of the seventies, because of the wallpaper next to the elevators and the pattern from the carpet. The colors and small spotlights that are used in the entrance will give you a very warm welcome when coming home to this housing in Amsterdam. There even is a small living room created in the entrance for the community to connect. A very cozy and domestic feel.

#5 The Ridge in Delft

Last but not least, the stylish and charming look of the entrance in The Ridge. The area combines brightness and sleekness with a touch of glam. It gives you a fresh feeling when coming home. The plants also contribute to that. They make the room a little bit cozier and provide a finishing touch. Also in this entrance, we see a nice small living room that's been created. The suède colors and gold details provide this charming and stylish look. Love the couch; it's really an eyecatcher! 


written by Juliene

Born in the south and moved to the center of Eindhoven 2,5 years ago. I am a positive person and enjoy the little things in life. Those who really know me, know that I always have to capture everything on camera. Having fun with friends and family is the most important thing for me. I hope to see more of the world in the future and make beautiful memories.