Take a look inside our modern building The Castle

Curious what our residences really look like? Join our vlogger Ciana Mayam in our latest vlog episode for a detailed look inside the studios and apartments of The Castle in Helmond.

Newly renovated apartment complex The Castle offers modern studios and apartments with a high level of finish in a sleek and industrial appearance. The Castle owes its name to the notable neighbor Castle Helmond, surrounded by a garden filled with historical statues. The self-contained apartments are fully furnished with high quality furniture.

Our team member Rodolfo and Ciana team up for a visit to Helmond! Rodolfo shows Ciana around the apartments and studios of The Castle, including the spacious rooftop terrace. Also, Rodolfo shares his most favorite spots of this city. Ciana and Rodolfo stroll around the charming city center of Helmond and visit the cozy harbour area, the central market square, the historical Helmond castle, and the local theatre (Speelhuis). You can watch the vlog here:

Interested to live here?

With The Castle we offer industrial rental apartments and studios, fully furnished! The Castle is located practically in Helmond city near the station! Did you know Helmond is just 20 minutes from Eindhoven? Find out all about the residences and our up-to-date availability at our Residences page.

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