view from The Sparkle over Capelle aan den IJssel

Capelle aan den IJssel


On the right hand of Rotterdam, you’ll find Capelle aan den IJssel – or in short Capelle. Centrally located, but only 15 minutes away from to the hustle and bustle of big city Rotterdam. Step into nature on the other side of town. Prepare to embark on an exciting journey as you explore why this vibrant city should be your top choice when seeking a place to call home.

Nestled in the heart of the Netherlands, Capelle boasts an unbeatable location. With its close proximity to Rotterdam, one of Europe’s most dynamic cities, you’ll have easy access to a multitude of employment opportunities, cultural events, and a thriving metropolitan lifestyle. Capelle is a city to love. Ready to live it in all its glory?

Available rental homes in Capelle aan den IJssel


What's your type?

Our 352 rental studios and apartments in Capelle aan den IJssel are warm and welcoming. Semi-furnished or fully furnished with everything you need. For single ones, couples, or parents with children.

exterior The Sparkle in Capelle aan den IJssel
104 The Sparkle
exterior Nautilus in Capelle aan den IJssel
51 Nautilus
exterior Rive Republic in Capelle aan den IJssel
113 Rive Republic
exterior Rive Tower 1 in Capelle aan den IJssel
84 Rive Tower 1

What about Capelle aan den IJssel

Capelle is home to four of our rental complexes, filled with studios and apartments. Find these rentals in the districts Oostgaarde, Rivium, and Zevenkamp. This medium-sized city is a nature lover’s paradise. Picture yourself strolling along the bank of the River IJssel, immersing yourself in the green spaces, or indulging in outdoor activities in one of the parks and recreation areas. Rest assured that you’ll love renting your new home here.

Thanks to its modern and efficient infrastructure, your daily life runs smoothly. Connected to Rotterdam’s metro network (metro line C), it provides you convenience at every turn. There’s also a train station, many bus lines, and a water bus to Rotterdam. Or hop on the ParkShuttle, an electronically guided bus that runs without a driver. You easily take yourself anywhere.


Your Capelle aan den IJssel

Explore local coffee places and the best restaurants. Spend an afternoon at the shopping mall or meet others at one of the parks – all close to home. With everything within biking distance, you easily take yourself anywhere in Capelle.

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