Capelle aan den IJssel

A peaceful and quiet city close to Rotterdam


With quite a challenging name to pronounce, the city of Capelle aan den IJssel keeps further things easy and worry-free! The city offers a pleasant neighborhood with a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Though it may look like a newly built city, Capelle aan den Ijssel has a long lasting history dating back to the second century. Today, Capelle is one of the most densely populated cities in the Rijnmond area, featuring highly varied housing constructions, canals, and plenty of green areas.

Adjacent to Rotterdam, Capelle aan den IJssel benefits from a great location within easy reach to the big neighboring cities of Rotterdam and Gouda.

In Capelle aan den IJssel, we offer 104 studios at The Sparkle, our modern building right across metro station De Terp. Browse through our residences down below.


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104 The Sparkle
51 Nautilus
113 Rive Republic

fun fact


Capelle aan den IJssel is home to what is considered to be the tiniest museum in The Netherlands, the "Dief en Duifhuis". Literally translating to the Thief and the Pigeon, the museum used to be a prison for 2 people and at the same time a pigeon house back in the 16th century!


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