Available from September 2020


Starting from September 2020, Holland2Stay will offer student housing on the campus of Hotel Management School Maastricht. The campus of HMSM is located on the grounds of a former castle, with a canal, gardens, and a beautiful park. The newly realized campus will house 390 high-quality student units with a contemporary and tasteful style. All units are furnished, include private sanitary facilities, and have been designed to look just like hotel rooms.

Since first-year students will have to live on campus for one whole year, they will form communities consisting of 13 to 15 fellow students. Each community will share a living unit with a fully equipped kitchen, a dining area, as well as a seating area with TV. During this experience, the students will learn to live together and develop social skills and capabilities that are essential for the hospitality industry. We are delighted to assist our students in their early journey through adulthood!

On campus, you can find a study area, a sports room, a multifunctional room, a launderette, and a postal service. With an excellent location near the lively city center of Maastricht, the campus has all the right ingredients for a great stay during your studies!