How much is the rent of a residence?

The rent prices differ per type of residence and building.

All rent prices are stated in our list of residences on our page, Our Residences. Each listing of our residences mentions the final monthly rent price at the top. Below you can see the basic rent price for your information.

With most of our offer, we work with All-inclusive rent prices. Utilities and service costs are included in the mentioned All-in prices.

All-inclusive rent prices include the following:

  • Basic rent
  • Furniture and all common built-in devices and equipment
  • Full inventory
  • Heat, water and electricity
  • TV subscription
  • Internet connection
  • Service costs: cleaning, energy common areas, caretaker
  • Advance payment of all utilities such as water, heat and electricity. You pay what you have consumed. Every year in July, we will send a settlement bill of the utility costs from the previous year.
  • And with some of our buildings in Eindhoven, the municipal taxes are included in the All-in rent.

Is the price not All-inclusive? Then you will need to arrange utilities by yourself, as these are not included in the price.

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