Why does a residence gets booked so fast?

We understand it’s a pity when your desired choice of a residence has been rented already in a short time. Generally, the demand for housing in The Netherlands is fairly high and this results in our residences getting booked very fast in the large cities. 

Currently, both our buildings Van Heenvlietlaan in Amsterdam and DNA in Rotterdam are extremely high in demand. Please keep this in mind, as the amount of weekly available residences of these buildings is low and they get booked very fast.

The amount of residences we have available for rent differs per month, as our tenants have a one-month notice period to inform us about their move-out date.

To give you an indication of our monthly availability, we made an estimation based on our previous booking data, called Availability Trend. With each listing we offer an Availability Trend. To see this overview, just click on the listing at Our Residences. We hope this helps you in finding your choice of residence in time.

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