How do I check-in at Holland2Stay?

1. Schedule your check-in
Once you've paid your deposit and first month's rent, you can schedule a check-in appointment via your Holland2Stay account. You can check in on working days only.

2. Collect your keys
On your day of arrival, you'll get the keys to your new home. We'll inspect your residence for damages. We'll check all inventory items and take meter readings. Our team can answer any questions that may arise. Next, we'll sign a check-in report for future reference. This report describes the condition of the room and its contents. You'll be able to download this report from your Holland2Stay account. 

3. Check your home
We'd recommend you double-check your home and its contents. Do you notice any issues or missing inventory items? Inform us within 3 working days after moving in. We'll deliver any missing items ASAP.

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