How can I checkout at Holland2Stay?

1. Schedule your checkout
Once we've confirmed the termination of your contract, you can schedule a checkout appointment via your Holland2Stay account. It's possible to schedule a checkout on working days. Checkout times differ per building. If the proposed checkout time doesn't work for you, let our team know! We'd be happy to find a solution that is convenient for you. 

2. Prepare for checkout
Before the day has come for you to leave us, you need to return your residence to its original condition. This requires thorough cleaning and removal of all items that don't belong to the landlord (see these guidelines). Keep a record of any damages or missing items. 

TIP: For a smooth checkout, we'd recommend you schedule a pre-checkout

3. Checkout procedure
On your move-out date, you need to hand over all keys, access cards, laundry cards, or parking fobs that you received during your stay. We'll check the inventory and inspect the property for damages and cleaning. We'll also take note of your final meter readings. You'll receive a check-out report with all records. Next, we start the refund process of your deposit. 

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