What's a proof of deregistration?

When you move out, you need to inform the municipality about your address change. Before we process your deposit refund, we want to see proof of deregistration. 

You can deregister from your address in 2 ways:

1. Relocation within the Netherlands
If you're moving within the Netherlands, you can simply register at your new address via the website of the (new) municipality using your DigiD. Take a screenshot of your application for proof of deregistration. You can also upload a confirmation email, proving you're registered at a new address. 

2. Moving abroad
If you're moving abroad, you can schedule an appointment at the City Hall for deregistration. You'll receive a confirmation letter or email, which can be used as proof of deregistration. 

What if I've never registered myself at the address?
In some cases - for example, if you stay in the Netherlands for less than 4 months - you don't have to register at the municipality. If so, upload a (signed!) document stating who you are, where you used to live, and that you were never registered at the address.

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