What types of contracts are there?

We offer three types of rental contracts. The type of contract depends on the building and will be mentioned with each of our listing as well. Below we explain each type of contract.

Short-stay contract
Recommended for when you are seeking a residence for a temporary stay. When a residence offers a short-stay contract, it means you can stay 3 months to 1 year maximum, with a minimum stay of 1 month. The maximum time you can stay differs per building and depends on the requirements you meet. This is because of certain tax rules, which we have to comply with.

A short-stay contract is especially handy if you seek accommodation for a short time or for an in-between solution!

Regular contract
Our long term rentals! If your residence offers a regular contract, it means that, you can stay for an indefinite amount of period, with a minimum stay of 6 to 12 months. The required minimum stay period differs per city and building, so we advice you to carefully read through the listing of the residence, and your contract when you have already booked.

Campus contract (Students only)
A campus contract is a rental agreement for residences intended for students. This contract specifies that you can only live in this accommodation if you are a student, and until your study ends.

The minimum stay is 6 months. If you are not a student anymore, in case of graduating or other reasons, please notify us from which date and you will be given an end date of 6 months from that time.

When you are an (international) student, we need a copy of your valid passport and a current proof of enrolment of your university to accept you as a tenant.

It's possible we will require more information (i.e. (income) specification or a formal landlord statement) in order to approve the booking. Should we need this extra information, we will notify you beforehand.

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