Who pays the maintenance costs of my residence?

Regular home maintenance is needed to keep your house in good shape. But who pays for what? The Dutch government has created guidelines to check which costs are for you as a tenant or for Holland2Stay. 

Responsibility of Holland2Stay
In short, we're responsible for major maintenance and repairs in and around your rental property. For example, this includes painting the exterior of the building and repairing the roof.

Responsibility of the tenant
As a tenant, you should ensure that your home remains in good shape by carrying out minor maintenance and repair tasks on a regular base. Think of replacing lights, unclogging the drains, maintaining your kitchen and bathroom, and keeping your home clean. These costs are for your account. You're also responsible for the repair costs caused by damage, destruction, incompetence, rough use, improper use, or negligence.

Repair request
If your home needs (major) maintenance or repairs, you can report this to us by creating a repair request in your account. Our caretaker will come to your residence to check the problem and carry out the repair. If your issue requires more extensive expertise, we'll contact one of our contractors. Before we repair something, we'll inform you about any costs.

During your stay, we recommend you apply for household and liability insurance. With household insurance, all your belongings at home are well insured for damage caused by burglary, storm, leakage, or fire.

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