Do I need a housing permit in Amsterdam?

Are you staying at one of our residences in Amsterdam and does your basic rent (including service costs) not exceed €710,68? Then a housing permit (huisvestingsvergunning) is needed to be eligible to rent in Amsterdam.

This permit has a one-time fee of €69 and you need to pay this amount directly to the municipality. This fee is not included in your all-in rent of your residence.

We will arrange the application for this permit together with you during your check-in appointment.

In order to receive the permit, you need to meet the following conditions:
  • You are at least 18 years old.
  • You have the Dutch nationality, a valid passport of the EU / EEA (European Economic Area) or a valid residence permit.
  • Your income is not higher than €44.360,- gross a year.
In Amsterdam this permit is explicitly needed because the demand for housing is much higher than the offer. This is how the municipality prevents housing fraud. Read more
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