Do I need a housing permit in Utrecht?

Are you staying at one of our residences in Utrecht and does your basic rent not exceed €710,68? Then a housing permit (huisvestingsvergunning) is needed.

With this permit you are legally allowed to stay in Utrecht. This is just a formality, however it is important that your annual gross income and rent price corresponds to the following conditions:

- your annual gross income is below €36.165 when renting a residence with a basic rent price up to €635,05 per month;
- your gross annual income is below €46.263 when the basic rent is between €635,05 and €710,68.

If you don’t have this permit when living in Utrecht, you are risking a fine of the municipality. We can assist you in applying for this permit, feel free to contact us!

The municipality of Utrecht charges a one-time fee of approximately €30 for requesting the permit. (This fee is not included in your all-in rent of your residence).

In Utrecht this permit is explicitly needed because the demand for housing is much higher than the offer. This is how the municipality prevents housing fraud. Read more

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