How to schedule a check-in or a check-out appointment?

Scheduling a check-in appointment
Are you checking-in to one of our residences? Then you can schedule a check-in appointment through your Holland2Stay account under "My appointments". You can pick up the date and the time, which suits you the most. Please note that, this is only possible once you have paid your deposit and your first rent.

Scheduling a check-out appointment
Are you leaving us? We hope you had a nice stay with us! You can also schedule your check-out appointment through your Holland2Stay account under "My appointments", where you can pick a specific date and time.

Please remember that you can only schedule the check-in/out appointments during the office hours, from Monday to Friday. We do not check-in/out during the weekends or outside our office hours.

Is your contract ending on a Saturday or a Sunday? Please notify us so we can schedule a pre-checkout on a weekday! Read more

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