What is a pre-checkout?

A pre-checkout will be carried out if you are leaving on the weekend or outside the office working hours. During your pre-checkout appointment, you will be notified about what has to be done, in regards to cleaning and inventory checklist. You will also be alerted with rough estimations of the (possible) cleaning or inventory charges, in case there are any missing, damaged, or broken inventory items.

After the pre-checkout has been completed and you have moved out, our team will come back to your residence to proceed with a final check-out procedure. Please remember to leave your keys, laundry tag, and parking cards in your residence when you leave! You will be reminded to leave the keys during the pre-checkout procedure.

Please note that a pre-checkout is possible for anyone. It can be handy for our team to come over and have an overview of the state of your residence to guide you on what more has to be done, in terms of cleaning and inventory item checklist. This can also help you improve the state of your residence and thus avoid any possible cleaning charges.

To request a pre-checkout, please contact our team directly by creating a support ticket through your online account.

However, if you are only scheduling a pre-checkout to get some guidance and help, you still have to book a full check-out when you officially move out.

Pre-checkout procedures take approximately 15 minutes.

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