What do I need to do before a check-out?

Before your checkout appointment, you have to clean the residence and remove all items that do not belong to the landlord. Remember to clean any exterior areas of the property as well (i.e. balcony if the residence has one). Keep a record of any damages or missing items. We will check all the inventory items during the check-out, but keep a list of anything that is broken or missing for your own records to report at the final inspection.

During the final check-out inspection, we will check the inventory and property for damages and cleaning. We will check your final meter readings and you will be asked to hand over all the keys, access cards, laundry cards, or parking fobs that you were issued for the property. After this, we will sign the final check-out report.

We have compiled a document with all the information you will need to make sure your check-out goes smoothly. Please read this document carefully.

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