When will you refund my deposit?

After you have checked out of your residence, we will process all charges to determine the refund amount of your deposit. We have compiled a handy overview with all the information you will need to track the refund procedure. To check the overview, login to your account, and go to About your tenancy > Checkout overview.

In order to process your refund, some actions are required from you. You need to check your bank details and to upload a proof of deregistration in your Holland2Stay account for your deposit return. We need this proof to deregistration to verify that you have deregistered yourself from your old address. The following files are valid as proof of deregistration:

  • A confirmation email or a screenshot of the municipality's website proving that you are registered at a new address
  • A confirmation email of the municipality proving that you are deregistered from The Netherlands and are moving abroad
  • A declaration signed by you stating that you were never registered at the address.

Upload your proof of deregistration through your account. Make sure that the document shows your name. If the document does not clearly state your name and does not make clear that you have moved, we cannot refund your deposit.

Once you have uploaded your proof of deregistration and verified your bank details, we estimate that we can process your refund within 30 days.

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