Home is where our story begins

It all started back in 2011…

When my brother Stijn and I start managing our first rental property in Eindhoven. Our service quickly expands throughout the city. However, we note how much time we're spending tracking things in spreadsheets.

As opportunities arise to expand to Amsterdam, Bas joins the founding team. On a quest to make property management easier and more efficient, he starts building our very own property management system. Hard work pays off – our in-house created property management system attracts various major investment funds, project developers and private investors.

What started as a small business in Eindhoven, quickly grows into a successful concept across the Netherlands.

And that's when Wilbert comes in. In 2020, he joins the board to further manage our growth.

Fast forward 3 years, I'm proud that we now manage more than 12,000 residences divided over 23 Dutch cities. Our team now consists of 85 (and counting!) ambitious people. Together, we're working hard to create a better living experience for people from all over the world.

See you soon,

Zjef Bogers, Founder & New Business


Our why

A comfortable living environment is one of the most important objectives in life. All want a place that fits with their way of living. A space to work, dream, connect, rest, and feel at home. This is what drives us. Our mission is simple: Living better, together.

About Holland2Stay


Better together

As property managers, we're the linking pin between residents and property owners. Together, we create the best living experience. Because life is better together.

How we do things

Our values capture our culture and guide how we make things happen.

Be bold

We love the bold types


We love the bold types: genuine, humoristic, fun-loving, and a little bit cheeky. We stay curious and dare to stand out from the crowd.

Get stuff done

We’re lively and ambitious


We’re lively, ambitious, and keep going. We do our best to make our dreams and goals become reality – one way or another.

Kind & caring

We’ve got your back


We’ve got your back! We are friendly, easy to talk to, and caring. By listening to others, we create a warm and welcoming community.

Positive energy

Good vibes only


Good vibes only. We believe that enthusiasm is the key to success. Be active, be energetic, and be enthusiastic, and you can accomplish everything.

We’ve got your back

We provide a careless, hassle-free experience for residents and property owners. We facilitate the good vibes in our communities.

We offer all you need to live your normal, day-to-day life. We provide a space to stay, to live, to explore. A place where you can unwind or connect.

Think of us as sidekicks to your Dutch adventures. We’re here to help you get wired. We take care of the entire rental process and stay, ensuring your home functions properly.

But it doesn’t stop here

We like to stay ahead. We’re always looking how we can add value to the properties and communities we manage.


Who we are

We're an energetic group of ambitious and fun-loving people, all passionate about hospitality. And we're just getting started. Do you share our vibe?


Come and say hi

As Eindhoven was our first home, our HQ is located here. Next, we have local hubs in 10 cities across the Netherlands.