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Every day a great stay!

Our main goal is to ensure a great stay for all our tenants. We value customer service as our top priority and take that extra mile with a smile to achieve the highest satisfaction. We do our best to provide you with a top-notch experience and make you happy on a daily base.

Our story

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What began with managing only one building in Eindhoven, quickly grew into managing more than 7.000 residences in seven different cities throughout The Netherlands.

Our story starts back in 2011, when the brothers Zjef Bogers and Stijn Bogers founded Holland2Stay. The brothers have been active for more than 15 years in the real estate and home management sectors. Bas van der Schot joined the brothers as Director Operations, thus making our founding team complete.

As we are still growing and pursuing new residences for a comfortable and a save stay, more cities will be added to our locations.

A new branch revolving around the provisioning of Serviced Apartments has recently been introduced in our offer. Simply put, our Serviced Apartments incorporate Short Stay residences with hotel-minded services. This new branch has been inaugurated with our newest building Victoria Court in Eindhoven, and Rotterdam will follow soon.

Next to our current rental offer, we are also active in the hotel industry through our sister organizations Hotel2Stay in Amsterdam and The James in Rotterdam.

Our goals

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We are continually looking for improvement in our services. Our focus is providing comprehensive, fast and smart services at affordable prices.

Our offer goes beyond just providing residences; on top we offer numerous services, as for example bike and car rentals, on-site property management, housing allowance and insurance services.

Our team

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All our residences are in perfect condition. Any occurring issues are solved at the earliest opportunity, as our team can often be found on the premises and contacted directly.

Our dynamic team is young, energetic and very approachable. As your satisfaction is our motivation, we highly advice you to approach us at all times whenever you have a problem. Do not hesitate to ask any questions because we are always willing to answer them all for you!