On what platforms do you advertise?

Finding a new home in the Netherlands can be quite a struggle. Unfortunately, rental scams are common. Scammers use online advertising, real estate websites, and (shady) booking websites in an attempt to trick you. 

We only advertise our rental offer on Funda, Pararius, Kamernet, and Maastricht Housing. We'll always ask you to complete your booking via our official website (holland2stay.com). We also use Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads. These ads will always redirect you to our official website and our official social media channels. We don't advertise our offer in Facebook groups.

Here are some tips to avoid a rental scam: 

  • Check if the offer on the advertising platform is available on our Residences page. Here we show our most updated availability.
  • Always book a residence via our official website. We'll never ask you to pay or upload your personal details via an external platform. 
  • Rental scams typically aim to steal your money. Don't pay a large sum of money before signing a lease. To book one of our residences, you need to pay €200 via our website. This is part of your deposit payment. We'll ask you to pay (the remainder of) your deposit and first month's rent after signing your rental agreement (see our booking process). 
  • Beware of rental listings that are full of typos, excessive punctuation, or grammar errors. These are likely created by a scammer. 

If there are any red flags, skip the advertisement. Contact us when in doubt. 

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