Amsterdam canal with boats


Studios and apartments in the Dutch capital

One of the most beautiful, inspirational, and culturally diverse canal cities in the world!

The capital city of The Netherlands is not only an amazing holiday destination, but also a great place for living, studying, and working. Amsterdam welcomes more than 120,000 international students on a yearly basis and thanks to its healthy work-life balance and countless job opportunities, attracts expats and professionals from all over the world. In the country that ranks amongst the top happiest in the world year after year, Amsterdam has the most diverse community, being home to more than 180 nationalities from all around the globe.

Our first apartment complex in Amsterdam was opened in 2016 at Van Heenvlietlaan and soon was followed by WFC Lofts and Europahuis by the end of 2019. In 2020, we took over the management of two residential towers known as Twin. In this beautiful city, we now offer more than 1,000 studios, apartments, and lofts in five key locations in Amsterdam.

Looking for an independent apartment in a quiet area, but still close to the bustling city center of Amsterdam? We have the perfect place for you! Our modern studios and apartments in the city are fully furnished and stocked with top-of-the-line appliances. Comfort and privacy for an affordable price!


Van Heenvlietlaan in Amsterdam
354 Van Heenvlietlaan
Europahuis in Amsterdam
195 Europahuis
WFC Lofts in Amsterdam
294 WFC Lofts
Twin in Amsterdam
196 Twin

Fun fact

The famous canal city, cordially known as the Venice of the north, has in fact more bridges than Venice; while Amsterdam has 1281, the Italian city only has 409 bridges.